Several casualties for US rappers killed


Hundreds of fans gathered for a vigil in the parking lot where the musician died.

Suddenly panic erupted in the crowd over rumors of a shooting, a witness told The Los Angeles Times. Several people were trampled underfoot.

Shots were not dropped, police spokesman Josh Rubenstein was quoted as saying. About a dozen people were treated and taken to the hospital, Los Angeles police chief Michel Moore said on Twitter, citing a preliminary report from the fire department. He spoke of chaos.

Many of the victims were treated by sprained ankles.

Hussle was shot dead on Sunday in front of a clothing store whose co-owner he was. According to police, at least two more people were injured with gunfire. There is now a suspect. Police issued a search Monday night.

Hussle, 33, was the best rap album with "Victory Lap" at this year's Grammy Awards.



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