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Separation drama: Adil Rami steals Pamela Anderson

In fierce words, Pamela Anderson (51) announced the separation of Adil Rami (33). It is said that the kicker from Marseille betrayed her badly.

In a few days, Pamela Anderson will be 52 years old. However, the former Baywatch star will not be in a party mood – the American actress is "devastated." After two years, she separates from Marseille-Kicker Adil Rami – with strong accusations.

Anderson accuses the 2018 French World Champion of being "a liar" and having "a double life". Rami has been teasing other players by betraying his wives – but he himself is worse. "He's the monster," Anderson writes on Instagram under a black and white photo of himself and the kicker.

The International 36 times had an affair with at least one woman. "This is my worst nightmare, I'm happy to know the truth now, but it hurts like hell," says Anderson. You leave the port city of Marseilles immediately.

Attempted apology blocked

That was after Rami tried to apologize. Infructant. When he appeared outside the hotel, he was taken by the security forces. "I'm afraid of him," writes the now politically distant left-wing actress.

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami met and loved each other in 2017. In September 2018 the couple separated in the meantime – but then reunited. Now the relationship is finally over.

The environment Ramis has not commented on the allegations so far. Birthday greetings are not expected. (DAD)

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