Senior unemployed network costs 25 million – Switzerland: standard


Over 55 years old, the unemployed have much trouble in the job market. More than one in two takes more than a year to find work again. Of the 4,000 older unemployed who lose their entitlement to unemployment benefits every year, only one in seven keeps a permanent job. Felix Wolffers, co-chair of the Swiss Conference on Social Welfare (Skos), believes it is unworthy that fugitives often spend their assets and have to live on social benefits. O skos It therefore calls for a means of subsistence for young people over 55 at the level of supplementary benefits (EL).

With EL, the affected would have more money to live than with social assistance and would not have to spend their assets for 4000 francs. Those eligible under the Skos Plan are entitled to EL only if they remain registered at the Regional Employment Centers and continue to seek employment. They must have worked in Switzerland for at least ten years before they were unemployed. In addition, the same rules apply as for AHV and IV pensioners: for example, assets should be used up to CHF 37,000 (individuals).

About 6000 would be eligible

Skos expects Parliament to take the ball. To increase the chances, she developed a model that prevents the export of services abroad. Insurance at EL level should not be financed as initially intended by unemployment insurance, but by EL. Under this scheme, EU citizens leaving Switzerland after losing their jobs would not be entitled to EL.

EL unemployment costs according to Skos, the bottom line 25 million francs per year. "Politicians can not solve the problem cheaper," says Wolffers. The SKOS invoice assumes that more than 6,000 executives would be entitled to EL. An EL claim would actually arise at the age of at least 57, because over 55s generally can receive two years of unemployment benefit.

On average, paid people received CHF 4,100 per month instead of CHF 3,100. The annual additional costs for the EL amounted to about 300 million francs. At the same time savings of 275 million were compared with: The social assistance costs of the cantons and municipalities were reduced by 140 million, the EL would be relieved by 135 million because the expropriated were no longer forced to advance the AHV. Today, social assistance is forcing those affected to move to the AHV two years earlier. This results in a lower AHV pension and, in turn, higher EL entitlements.

Skepticism about the FDP and the SVP

Reactions from social politicians show that the Skos proposal in Parliament has a difficult time. Demand equals an expansion of social benefits, says the FDP National Council, Bruno Pezzatti. He rejects this for fiscal reasons. For those affected, there is well-developed social assistance. The SVP Council of States, Alex Kuprecht, is also negative. At the moment, Parliament is looking for ways to save money on EL. The annual expenditure soon reached 5 billion francs. Support for older outputs can not be passed to EL.

The problems of the older unemployed should be taken seriously, says the CVP State Council, Erich Ettlin. The Skos proposal was one of several that needed to be revised. The older unemployed, but they did not help with money alone. Support for job search is therefore as important as. For example, companies that hired older unemployed people could be rewarded.

Open doors run the Skos in SP. "It's clear to everyone that you have to do something for older unemployed," says SP Vice President Barbara Gysi. Therefore, the proposal would have no chance even in the parliament dominated by the bourgeoisie. That those affected today had social assistance, was unworthy. Therefore, it was right if, in the future, a social security for these costs arose.

Skos presented its model to the Social Commission of the Council of States. Now awaits the opinion of the cantons. The responsible conference of cantonal social directors (SODK) has not yet discussed the issue. However, it is worth examining the Skos proposal to improve the situation of the older unemployed, says SODK President Martin Klöti.

Those who lose their jobs over the age of 55 often find it hard to do the job. Photo: Thomas Egli (Editors Tamedia)

Created: 05/11/2018, 15:20


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