Selena Gomez: Is she well again after psychiatric treatment?


A month ago, singer and actress
Selena Gomez
, 26, suffered a nervous breakdown. Family and friends of the "Back To You" singer did not hesitate too long and convinced the ex-girlfriend of
Justin bieber
24, to enter into psychiatric treatment. In a special clinic on the east coast of the United States, Gomez underwent dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), which treats various mental disorders. Now she has finished the treatment. But is Selena really healthy again?

Is Selena Gomez healthy again?

Selena Gomez has been struggling with health issues for some time. After kidney transplantation, she was repeatedly diagnosed with dangerously low levels of white blood cells. In late September, she was treated in Los Angeles at a clinic. Although she was released a few days later, in early October, Selena suffered a nervous breakdown.

Is she still missing Justin Bieber?

Fans of the former Disney star speculate since then, the collapse is ultimately a consequence of Justin Bieber's marriage and
Hailey Baldwin
In September. In March, Bieber and Gomez separated again, Justin fell in love with Baldwin shortly after, getting engaged only a few months later and finally marrying her in September in New York. Will not Gomez be able to support your ex now? Vused: Daily Mail

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