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Scandal in "Celebrity Shopping Queen": Anja Kruse is simply let sit

Updated April 29, 2019, 08:37

How reckless: While Anja Kruse and Joyce Ilg went on a professional shopping tour for Guido Maria Kretschmer at the "VIP Shopping Queen" on VOX, Marie Amière behaved completely wrong …

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Who exactly was Marie Amière again? Anja Kruse and Joyce Ilg found it increasingly difficult to professionally cover the star doors of Otto's catalog model. Luckily, Anja had internalized her Buddhist, and Joyce was too cute for a catfight: "I hope it's not a day of bitch fighting, because I'm not into it."

The basic positive attitude, however, has been repeatedly put to the test. For Marie Amière, let your companions always easy to sit down – in the most inopportune moments. Anja Kruse really began with a relaxed serenity in her shopping in Munich: "I am very straight and very focused and very clear."

Since she has lived in France for years, her personal challenge with the theme "Girls Have Trousers" fits well. For Guido Maria Kretschmer, she should take a French look around a culotte. "Oh no, I do not like them!" Was the star of "Schwarzwaldklinik" horrified by the flood pants. "Guido, this is a punishment!"

"Celebrity Shopping Queen": Marie Amière is not in a good mood

But in the middle of Anja Kruse's shopping video, model Marie Amière simply did not want to leave the room anymore: "I just need a break, I'm going to sleep here on the couch." Anja and Joyce looked at each other with such rudeness. Minutes later, Marie returned and Anja was allowed to demonstrate her final purchases. Then the model was even with the purchases in it.

But before she disappeared again and let the others wait almost half an hour. Professional Anja Kruse was, in the mean time, very annoyed: "Nothing happens. One is thought to be in the wrong movie." When the two ladies came to the subject of colon hydrotherapy, the harmony was restored. Short irritation with designer Guido Maria Kretschmer: "intestinal flushing?"

Joyce Ilg, Marie Amière or Anja Kruse – who receives the shopping crown?


That fits the motto. Because "a dolly with oriental earrings" was the work of Marie Amière in Hamburg. "If she has to go to the bathroom after the colon cleansing, she has to get out of there as fast as possible, so what about elastic," Guido thought sports pants were very practical.

Unprofessional behavior

Besides, she wanted to put her tight breasts on the scene. "My hot Max and Moritz," said Marie. But before that happened … right! She disappeared again, with the excuse: "Just lipstick soon." For Anja Kruse, very little professionalism was incomprehensible: "I do not like it, it irritates me."

Even Joyce rolled her eyes and agreed, "Total!" When Marie reappeared, she wanted to know, "What time is it?" "Late!" The two people seated shouted. Before the tired model was placed in front of the camera, Joyce Ilg went hunting pants in Cologne.

"She talks about herself, she's not very fashionista," so Guido wanted to see the most chic creator in the look of paper bag. "I did not understand anything at first," Joyce was impressed with the clues. "Because it looks like a purse, it's very fashion!"

Zoff on the catwalk?

However, Klamotte was found surprisingly fast and managed to convince the Great Dame Anja Kruse: "I never thought I would like that, but now that I see it … looks good on you!" Anders Diva Marie Amière: "The hairstyle is not cool". Must there be a fight of bitches in the last meters of the catwalk?

"What I do, and if I just go on a runway, I make a move to music, I must be professional," said Anja Kruse, justifying the claims of her performance. "If someone has never done this, then of course he does not learn so fast," said Marie Amière again unpopular.

Only Joyce Ilg wanted to finish things quickly: "Sorry, I'm a little confused." Anja and Joyce kept their professional stance on camera and congratulated Marie on her victory. However, there are probably no more malls here.

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