SBB-Meyer has earned less than one million in 2018


SBB CEO Andreas Meyer earned less in 2018 than the previous year. This is evident from the federal government's salary report. However, the federal government pays far more for professional welfare.

It is likely that troubled passengers are satisfied with the news: SBB CEO Andreas Meyer (58) won in 2018 significantly less than last year. In 2017, Meyer, including the bonus, received a salary of over one million francs. Last year he earned "only" 987,000 francs.

For much more pension fund

One thing is impressive: even though Meyer's salary has fallen – for which the contributions to his pension fund have increased massively. In 2017, the federal government paid 160,000 francs to Meyer's occupational benefits. By 2018, it was almost 220,000 francs. Thus, the federal government increased its participation as an employer from 63 to 69%.

"At first glance, this seems like an emotion for me," says SP National Council Cédric Wermuth (33). He suspects that it is so easy to undermine the salary currently being discussed by the State Political Commission of the National Council. "It does not work like that," says Wermuth. Now he wants to push the Commission forward.

Apparently, the new Transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (59) in Meyer wants to cut the savings – they want to reduce their salary by four percent, as the NZZ recently reported. If it succeeds, it will show next year at least – because Sommaruga is only from 2019 in office.

Will Meyer be outdone?

Meyer is considered the highest paid boss of a state-owned company – since 2010, he has broken the million borders regularly. But there were also exceptions – around 2013, when Meyer earned 943,000 francs.

By 2018, however, former President Susanne Ruoff (61) could overtake him: if she also paid her bonus, her total salary for 2018 would be 1.1 million francs. No contributions were made to your contributions to the pension fund.

Ruoff has to be patient.

And the bonus will be distributed only once all inquiries into Postbus Bschiss have been completed. Currently, the Federal Office of Police investigates because of violations of the grant right in the daughter of the yellow giant. It is not yet proven which operational debt Ruoff meets as a former CEO.

"The amount listed is the maximum that can be paid," writes the Federal Council. For now, Ruoff has to settle for the fixed salary of 620,000 francs.


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