Sarah Lombardi praises Florian Silbereisen


Sarah Lombardi is said to have flirted with the new captain Florian Silbereisen during her filming "Dream Ship." Now the singer expresses herself for the first time.

Schlager-Prinz Florian Silbereisen (37) was recently hired as the new captain of the ZDF series. The musician and Pietro Lombardi, ex Sarah Lombardi (26) spent the holidays together with their son on the ship and stood in front of the camera for the cult series. It should have come on neatly between Flori and Sarah – claimed, at least recently, an insider.

Lombardi has only warm words for Flori in stock

Sarah says in an interview with RTL about the rumors: "This was the first thing that Florian and I have told ourselves is a hundred percent likely to hit the headlines." But that would be "silly, of course."

But even if the interpreter of "I miss you" does not fall in love with the presenter, she only loses warm words about him. "He's a really cool person. I was at his show too and he's really cool," she enthuses. "To the ground, well – I can not say any more."

Silbereisen wants to be single for now

The fact that Germany's favorite son-in-law did not immediately appear next to her with a new lady at heart could have really been clear to fans: After all, Florian has for some time guaranteed that he wants to remain single after Helene Fischer's split. "Now I'm single and I'm not looking at anything," revealed the 37-year-old recently photo. (Explosion)

Emotional meeting at ARD show

Helene and Florian still like each other


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