Sarah Lombardi films "The Ship of Dreams"


Will Sarah be the new Helene Fischer?

Sarah Lombardi pulled a large fish ashore. The 26-year-old has landed a TV role on the "dream ship." Sarah dropped the bomb in her story on the Instagram. Together with her son Alessio, she traveled to Costa Rica to embark on the captain Florian Silbereisen of TV-Kult. It almost resembles Helene Fischer: first successful career, then dream ship.

Support of the mini sailor Alessio

"So people, I'm going to shoot for the dream ship, I'm really happy and really honored," Sarah told Instagram followers. And she is not alone. Sarah receives support from the mini sailor Alessio. The three-year-old son of Sarah and Pietro is already looking forward to the deep sea walk as Bolle and list in the video what he wants to see.

This is also the first time Sarah is on the high seas. In the video, Sarah shows the first impressions of a probably unforgettable trip. "It will be a really cool experience," says the 26-year-old. Well then, ship Ahoi!

Incidentally, the episode of the "dream ship", in which Sarah interprets her role as guest, will be broadcast by ZDF on 12/26/2019 and is called "Antigua".


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