Roland L. House of Lights in Jonschwil SG and Guns


In Jonschwil SG, he arrived at a wedding drama Thursday night. Here, renowned child psychiatrist Roland L. († 72) lit his home and then shot himself with a gun. His wife (38) and her son (5) were not injured.

A marriage dispute intensified completely in Jonschwil SG. According to cantonal police in St. Gallen, a fire broke out on Thursday, just after midnight, in a secluded house on the Wildbergstrasse. According to the current state of the investigation, law enforcement officials assume that the owner allegedly set fire to the house. The arsonist is the renowned child and adolescent psychiatrist St. Gallen, Roland L. * († 72), as reported in FM1 Today. He pointed with a gun at night.

In the neighborhood, someone is upset about the family tragedy. "I heard the loud noise," says a neighbor shocked by the LOOK. "When I wanted to close the bedroom window, I saw the flames," continued the woman. Then everything went very fast, policemen and firefighters were taken with blue light.

Woman (38) and child (5) survived

In the period before the fire, there was a dispute between the Swiss and his wife Sabine L. (38). The 38-year-old Swiss could escape from the family home. The average child (5) of the couple was not in the house at the time of the crime.

After setting fire to the house, Roland L. got out of the car. When the rescue teams contacted by his wife arrived at the scene, the house was already in full heat. For security reasons, the inhabitants of the neighboring houses had to be evacuated.

«The man pointed with a weapon»

Police immediately began an inter-cantonal search for the arsonist. Shortly after 3:30 a police patrol in the canton of St. Gallen attempted to detain the child psychiatrist near his home in Jonschwil when he wanted to return home.

"The man drove his car into a parking lot and then drove away with a pistol," says Hanspeter Krüsi, spokesman for the St. Gallen cantonal police, at Blick's request. Despite immediate medical care and Rega's squad, the man died.

The household fire caused material damages of several hundred thousand francs. The reason for Roland L. is still unclear. Police in the canton of St. Gallen and the prosecutor in charge began investigations. In addition, the St. Gallen Cantonal Police Forensic Competence Center was commissioned with expertise. (Rad)

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