Resident wants to collect signatures for Zaun am Aabach after the death of Zenel (4) – Canton (Aargau) – Aargau


Matteo Sciacca is a worried family man. After the misfortune on Thursday, when Zenel, a four-year-old, fell on Aabach and could only be found dead on Friday, he worries. Such a tragic accident should not be repeated.

A fence should mark the stream from the path to school and keep the children away from the water. Sciacca, who lives with his family in Aabach, now wants to collect signatures, as he tells TeleM1. Already in the past, a fence at the crash site was a subject, he remembers. "When I was 18, parents of colleagues said that something would happen here." At that time, the municipality, canton and also real estate companies had been talked about, but to date nothing had happened.

For Peter Dietiker, lifeguard at Möriken-Wildegg and other inhabitants, a fence is not a solution. Parental supervision is more important. Dietiker sees only the danger, emanating from the creek only in case of high water. "Even an adult has a hard time getting out alive," he says. (LDU)

Neighbor Naile Murtezi:

Neighbor Naile Murtezi: "He just drove with his bike, then he left suddenly"

In Möriken-Wildegg, the four-year-old Zenel has been missing since Thursday night. A neighbor tells in an interview how she experienced the drama about the missing boy.


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