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Remove Mold In Shower – With These Home Remedies


Many Germans enjoy a long, hot bath in the morning – risking mold. Can this be solved with simple home remedies?

Often, the villagers do not see exit, but to combat the mold with chemical agents. But even these special removers contain aggressive substances that can be harmful to your health. So in many places, the question arises whether it makes sense to face the enemy suffering in the shower with home remedies – but which ones are suitable for this and how well do they work?

That's why mold develops in the shower.

Molds feel comfortable there, where a high humidity prevails. That is why the bathroom is a great place to eat. Overall, the room temperature here is higher than in other rooms and most of the time not as windy as we should after the bath. Especially in the shower where most of the moisture is contained, the enclosed cabinet or shower curtain provides stagnant air – the perfect solution Growth medium for mold,

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He sits mainly for the Shower wall silicone gaskets or the transitions between glass walls fixed. But also the shower corners on the base of the shower are affected.

Before removing the mold: you should pay attention to this

Although home remedies are less aggressive than some cleaning products, it is still necessary to follow certain precautionary measures when removing the mold.

  1. Always use a mouthguard – To reduce the risk of breathing fungal spores.
  2. with rubber gloves Avoid direct contact with the mold, which can lead to allergic skin reaction.
  3. one protective goggles prevents eye irritation.
  4. Use one disposable overalls on their clothes, so that the spores can not get there.
  5. Immediately throw away used rags, sponges and brushes.

Remember that home remedies are only suitable for mild mildew. If you have a large cast, you need the professional help of a professional.

To remove mold from silicone seals

As already mentioned, the mold is usually found in the silicone gaskets in the shower. Freeing the tiles from the infestation turns out to be extremely difficult. O Silicone Consistency gives the mold the opportunity to grow through the material, so that silicone usually has to be completely renewed. For this you have to completely remove the silicone around the joints. Do not make the mistake of simply injecting new silicone into the old one. Otherwise, the mold will return very quickly. The joint edges should be sprayed with high percentage alcohol and washed once to "kill" the mold waste.

Homemade remedies: this makes the vinegar mold in the shower

There are some home remedies that work relatively well against fungi – but that depends on the soil. On the tiles, they probably show less influence than on the bare wall. However, you are suitable to avoid mold in the joints.

One of these home remedies is vinegar. Some talk about "normal" vinegar and others about the essence of vinegar. But what is the difference and what does it mean that works best?

With vinegar it is usually the normal food vinegar that is used for cooking. He has one Acid content of 5 to 10 percent, Vinegar essence is another name for acetic acid, which is also used in cleaning products. Therefore, the acidity is much higher and use the agent only very carefully. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and goggles when using them. You should keep your fingers away from acids that are more than 60% pure.

For mold control, the high acidity of vinegar essence is more suitable than food vinegar. And it also has other benefits:

  • Almost everyone has vinegar essence in the house.
  • The smell is limited.
  • It has vinegar essence without impact on the environment and
  • is very good compared to other cleaners economic,

When using vinegar essence, however, you should also note the following points:

  • in limestone substrates does not work
  • Fungus spores (which help in mold spreading) are poorly combated
  • Vinegar essences of more than 30% purity are not applicable on any surface

The vinegar – whether conventional or vinegar essence – put in a spray bottle or on a cloth and rub it with the affected areas. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

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Alcohol and alcohol as a home remedy for mold control

On substrates that vinegar does not tolerate, you can high percentage alcohol fall back Whether it is alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol – so that it can develop its action against mold, it should at least 70 percent to be. The benefits of using alcohol are obvious:

  • Alcohol is odorless,
  • Prevails without risk of chemical burns,
  • He is applicable to all substrates,
  • Exist no danger to the environment,

Unlike the essence of vinegar, however, you should be prepared for these problems:

  • Be sure to avoid smoking in the application or to bring fire near the high percentage of alcohol such as this highly flammable is.
  • The effect evaporates quickly and so the white horse often returns. Often several applications are required and even then, the cause of the mold is usually not solved.

Use yeast to prevent mold in the shower

Another useful remedy for mold in the shower is the yeast. Especially in joints, the yeast dissolved in water can be well wiped with a toothbrush. Wait about ten minutes for the agent to work before wiping it with a cloth. The process may need to be repeated a few times until it has an effect.

So you avoid mold in the shower

You should be aware that all of these home remedies for mold control are useless if you do not fundamentally change the behavior of the shower. The best remedy for mold is one good preventionTherefore, after taking a bath every time with a towel dry the wallsIn addition, keep the cabin door or curtain open long enough and large enough for air to circulate in the shower cabin. In addition, regularly use a mild detergent to clean the gasket and the door of the cabin.

If you find that there are places in the shower that are permanently damp, there may be a defect in the inlet and outlet flow on the walls or the floor. So always keep your eyes open and pay attention not just to obvious mold stains.

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By Franziska Kaindl

These things should be removed from your room as soon as possible.

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