Monday , October 18 2021

Rapper Drake bought a private Boeing 767


This is a very large private jet: musician Drake bought a Boeing 767 with the inscription "Air Drake".

For the equivalent of 186 million francs rapper Drake (32) has a Boeing 767 granted and this can be converted into a chic private jet.

At Instagram, he shared a video of the airplane with the inscription "Air Drake". He prides himself on the video: "No rent, no timeshare, no co-owners." He proudly shows his fans the interior of the aircraft. To see it there: The luxuriously decorated interior in shades of gold and brown, there are leather armchairs and even a sofa.

Drake boasts of his wealth

The magazine "Airways Magazine" reports that Drake paid about 186 million francs for the plane – without the conversion. The website's aerotelegraph writes that Drake's plane is almost 23 years old and has been used previously for Mid East Jet in Saudi Arabia and Elan Express in the USA.

Drake is wearing donor pants. At a fast-food restaurant, he gave two employees a five-figure tip earlier this year. He also recently dealt with about 404,000 francs for a mobile phone case with diamonds. (PAF)

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