Pricing pressure: prostitutes usually do this without a chewing gum


The situation of the prostitution industry in the Zurich area, and especially in the city of Zurich, "has established itself at a level compatible with the city and the neighborhood." It seems a little worse for women.

There are signs that the financial situation of many prostitutes tends to worsen, writes the government council in response to a request from the EPP, Greens and FDP, published on Thursday.

This price pressure is increasingly leading to dangerous behavior, including, inter alia, unprotected traffic. This would not only jeopardize the health and psyche of prostitutes, but also public health, because the suitors could be infected.

Commission in the fight against HIV

In order to combat HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, the Zurich area has a large number of measures and organizations coordinated by the "cantonal Commission on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases".

It houses specialists from the University Hospital, the municipal medical service, the security directorate and the health directorate. This commission also advises the cantonal government.

In order for the existing money to be used properly, the Health Board and the Health and Environment Department of the city of Zurich have now commissioned an analysis. It must show whether the various preventive measures are properly coordinated and whether they also seem to be expected. (SDA)

It is only 1.42 meters high

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