Premier League: Xherdan Shaqiri in Liverpool's mini-crisis


The lead in ManCity melts. But Xherdan Shaqiri (27) gains courage by comparing the current season with the most successful ones.

Two consecutive games without a win – this is already a mini crisis for the Premier League leader, Liverpool!

The Reds will not make a trio after Monday's 1-1 draw with Leicester in Monday's 1-1 win against West Ham: Manchester City, the pursuer, will move up three points to Liverpool.

There is no reason to panic, but finds Xherdan Shaqiri (27). Our star Nati speaks in an interview on the club's website before the West Ham match over setbacks that a team has to process in the title race.

Shaq: "We have taken the point against Leicester and we continue. I am confident that we will win more if we stay focused at the highest level."

Shaq has the highest title experience

Incredible: Noble team Klopp is Basler, despite the great collection of stars in the world, the player with the most won champion titles. Three with Basel and two with Bayern.

So Shaqiri compares Liverpool's current situation to his past in Munich: "I won titles in Germany, so I have experience with it. He needs a winner mentality and players need to stay focused. (in Liverpool, d.Red.) it's the same.

That's why Shaq and the Reds, despite the mini-crash, are well on their way to the historic, first Liverpool title since 1990. Xherdan: "We have to work hard until the end. It's still a long way to go But we are on a very, very good path to success. "


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