ÖSV-Boss Schröcksnadel snoring after doping on Trottln cross-country


The hotel of the Austrian cross-country team in Seefeld, where one of the two doper was arrested. Image: EPA

ÖSV-Boss Schröcksnadel snoring after doping on Trottln cross-country

Markus Gandler is just the coach of the Austrian cross-country skiers until the end of the World Championships in Seefeld – so he has to go. This is the first consequence of the recent doping case. And that could go for the whole sport.

At the Austrian Ski Association ÖSV Peter Schröcksnadel has the floor. And the almighty Mr. President blew the collar. After the recent doping case, where today at the World Championships in Seefeld in the Tyrol, the two long winds Dominik Baldauf and Max Hauke ​​were arrested, he announced the first consequences. He described them both as "Trottln."

President of ÖSV, Peter Schröcksnadel. Image: APA

Markus Gandler's days as a sporting director for Austrian cross-country skiers and biathletes are counted after the Nordic World Ski Championships. Although he was not personally responsible, Schröcksnadel said in the ORF. "This is not the fault, he's certainly not to blame." After that season, cross-country is repositioned, "I do not want all these people in this form."

The president of ÖSV also wants – not for the first time – to worry if the bottom ski sector should even belong to the Ski Association. For the first time, he thought about it after the doping invasion in the Austrian camp at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin.

"I certainly will not make up for the fact that for the sport of cutting-edge cross-country skiing in Austria money is spent," Schröcksnadel said. "I do not want to be scared every time someone on the field does something that I have to answer."

«Grow in secret»

Baldauf and Hauke ​​had been withdrawn from service along with three other athletes – one from Kazakhstan and two from Estonia. Just like the supposed mentor, a sports doctor from Germany. Officials spoke of a criminal organization that has been active for years and around the world. Now they have put her with the Aderlass cross-border operation.

Baldaufs after the 6th place in the team sprint.

There are no indications of doping involvement of ÖSV supervisors. However, the team must ask if you have already done well, said Schröcksnadel. He added, however, how difficult it was to capture individuals and made a comparison with the situation of parents and their children: "How do you avoid when a child uses drugs?" It grows in secret.

Other countries affected?

"You can not be as stupid as these two boys, that's forbidden," said the ÖSV chief over Baldauf and Hauke. "Two idiots doing something like that, I do not have words, they all lie to each other, what kind of people are they?" He condemns his actions because he lures his teammates to the ground.

That only runners of small nations, such as Austria, Kazakhstan and Estonia, are involved in the case, Schröcksnadel does not believe much. "Certainly there will be larger countries with us. If it is a ring of drugs, you can not owe the ÖSV.

I catch on

As part of the "Operation Aderlass", 120 employees performed a total of 16 home searches. Nine people were arrested. One of the five jailed ski skiers was caught red-handed in his accommodation in Seefeld. When he opened the door, he still had a blood transfusion in his arms, said Dieter Csefan of the Federal Criminal Police Department.

In Erfurt, Germany, a doping laboratory complete with centrifuges and blood reserves was excavated. It is attributed to the 40-year-old sports doctor who, as a team doctor for the cycling team, Gerolsteiner was involved in a major doping case about ten years ago. At that time, Austrian Bernhard Kohl reached third place in the overall standings and the victory in the mountain classification in the Tour de France. Soon after the tour, he was convicted of doping.

According to Csefan, the current case is likely to attract broader circles. In the doping lab, you found lots of blood bags, but those traces would still be evaluated. "Certainly there are other sports affected," said Csefan.

An incomplete selection of athletes who were caught doping

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