Organization Miss Switzerland can not say anything to Jastina


2017: First of all, the new era begins promising: the entrepreneur Angela Fuchs acquires the trademark rights of Miss Switzerland, along with the brothers Iwan and Andrea Meyer, of the businessman Guido Fluri. She wants to help make the election more glamorous again. But even before the first performance comes behind the scenes for the rattle; Fuchs disputes with private broadcaster 3+, which is expected to broadcast the election live. The case ends in court and ends in favor of the Miss organization, which then finds the savior at the German station Sat.1.

Photographers thrown out of the hall

March 10, 2018: The first Miss Election of the New Age. Jastina Doreen Riederer (20) is crowned the new Miss Switzerland after a two-year break. But while the show at Baden AG is in full swing, photographers – including BLICK's – are being rudely removed from the hall by security guards. "We were treated like criminals," says BLICK photographer Thomas L├╝thi. The medial damage is large and remains as a shadow over the creators of the Missen.

2018: Jastina Doreen also helps to weaken the credibility of the brand. That's how she cheats on her breasts. Explain the truth with lint and glue "Jastina TV". She drives a car with eyelashes knowing that this is not allowed. And his schedule remained almost empty. The big campaign shootings were missing, on occasions you rarely see them.

MISS boss throws away

June 2018: In the summer, Miss Switzerland's organization has a bang: Missen boss Angela Fuchs is serious. "I have not been CEO for some time – now I resigned from the board of directors of the Miss Switzerland organization and the two sister companies," she says. "A lot happened backstage." What exactly, everyone is silent.

June 2018: Shortly thereafter, former Miss Anita Buri is installed as a new Missen-Mami. But a little later comes to Gau: It hardly started, everything ended again and it was over. Buri leaves after three months of her position as supervisor of Miss Switzerland Jastina Doreen Riederer. "Miss Switzerland's organization and I split by mutual agreement," she says. An extension of your temporary contract does not occur "because of different views with the organization."

January 24, 2019: At the beginning of the year, just the last chapter of an inglorious Missen story. The organizers release Jastina Doreen Riederer 'immediately for breach of contract'. The Aargauerin can now neither call the former Miss Switzerland. (SRF / BRC)


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