Now do the doctors pay? They are looking for as bankers


The premium and taxpayers have to dig deep into their pockets for healthcare. Meanwhile, the best doctors are gambling, like bankers. According to a study by the Federal Public Health Office (FOPH), doctors' fees in Switzerland are much higher than previously thought: more than 100 physicians are looking for more than a million francs a year! In some disciplines, annual wages are between 600,000 and 800,000 francs.

Now the policy is responding: The federal government wants a new law that accepting doctors depends on revealing their economic circumstances. According to NZZ am Sonntag, cantons support top wages. The Cantonal Health Ministers' Conference (GDK) recommends that, if a canton issues a hospital assignment, it may set wage limits and prohibit bonuses depending on the number of cases.

«Making the spiral up»

"Such payment requirements can contribute to avoid overcompensation and hence to over-taxing the healthcare system," says the May Recommendation. Prime Minister GDK Michael Jordi: "Everyone understands that we need to stop the spiral up."

The model is the canton of St. Gallen. Because wages are already locked in the hospitals. For example, at a Canton Hospital, no doctor can make more than 700,000 francs a year. According to the new recommendation from the GDK, other cantons such as Zurich, Basel or Thurgau will also consider such measures.

Even some doctors are strong in correction. For example, Verein Akademie Menschenmedizin demands that only fixed wages should be paid to hospitals. Doctors should therefore pay bonuses or fees from private treatments. How this works, shows the hospital Bülach. It only pays fixed wages here. The ceiling is 500 000 francs. (Noo)

Posted: 04.11.2018 | Updated: 13:20


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