Not an isolated case: 40 Easter lambs in Evionnaz VS stolen


A sheep farmer in the Evionnaz VS lost about 40 young animals before Easter – off the farm. A spokesman for the Valais cantonal police confirmed that a theft of sheep had been reported.

Investigations were made to find the animals and thieves or thieves said the spokesman for a report from the newspaper "Le Nouvelliste." According to the owner of the animal, the animals disappeared on April 15 and 16. According to the newspaper report, the owner finds it improbable that a cattle trailer was used.

Cattle thieves of this scale are unusual in Valais, the police spokesman said. But it is not unique: in 2014, more than 100 sheep of the rare breed "Saaser Mutten" were stolen from a Valle di Valais. Then the animals were searched by foot and by helicopter. Italian police were also contacted.

Just three weeks after the animals disappeared, six were found in Italy. Two sheep farmers in Italy later confessed to the robberies. (SDA)


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