Nintendo Switch: Youtube App Released – Download in eShop


Nintendo Switch: Youtube App Released - Download in eShop

November 8, 2018 at 6:42 pm:

And here it is: Following the previous rumors, Nintendo today launched a YouTube application for the Switch. It is available for free download.

After previous rumors, Nintendo Switch owners can now download a Youtube application to their console. It has a size of just under 100 MB and is offered free of charge.

Music videos, movies and live lives

Download and install the Youtube application on Nintendo. Change the entire YouTube offer. "From music videos to movies and live broadcasts to the latest viral hits, there's something for everyone," Nintendo says of the new software.

And thanks to personalized recommendations and easy access to channel subscriptions, the next interesting video should always be played quickly. "So take your control, feel comfortable with your family and friends and immerse yourself in the world of YouTube," he continues.

Download: Youtube app for free in eShop

Nintendo Switch: Nearly 23 million sales and more numbers

Nintendo has announced how many times the Switch has been sold around the world. In addition, the company dedicated the first successful games.

Rumors of a Youtube application have emerged in recent weeks. It supports languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

N64 mini-revelation is still pending

Another rumor has not yet come true: according to reports, sometime in the coming weeks, the inauguration of the N64 Mini. Since the messages for the Youtube application have come true, you should still get some budget for next Christmas.

Gallery for the Youtube Switch app

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