NHL: Mirco Müller injured head first in fall in gang


Mirco Müller is expelled from the ice with the litter, but can already give the first everything clear. Image: AP / FR51951 AP

Mirco Müller flies headlong into the gang: "He is accessible and can move everything"

These are times when the result becomes a minor matter. In the game between the New Jersey Devils and the Calgary Flames (1: 2) flies the defender of the Swiss Devils Mirco Müller head in the gang.

The incident was preceded by an offensive duel with Calgary Mikael Frolikwhen Muller's right foot caught in the ice and the Swiss lost their balance and could not stop the fall.

The terrible attack of Müller to the gang. Video: streamable

Immediately, supervisors and doctors were on ice to supply the 23-year-old. Striker Kevin Rooney of Devils and Calgary Mathew Tkachuk put the stretcher on ice at the Müller that could be removed a little later.

When Müller was expelled from the ice, he stuck his thumb in the air and gave a first sign of everything.

Devils coach John Hynes said after the game that Müller feels good in the circumstances: "Mirco is totally receptive, all his members are moving well. He sat there before leaving the arena and having everything. which was happening all around him. "Müller's grandfather also writes on Facebook:" It's all clear: Mirco has not broken anything and is on his way home from the hospital.

Frolik, who was involved in the accident, said after the game: "It was hanging somewhere and I noticed everything in one." I immediately thought that this is too bad.I talked to the doctors.We said that he was doing better than It sucks when these things happen and we realize how dangerous our sport can be sometimes. "

Devil's goalkeeper Mackenzie Blackwood said he had never played a game in which a colleague was so hurt. "It was difficult to find the focus again later. At this point, you only think about your colleague."

Mueller's team-mate Rooney said: "This was a situation that shook him to the limit, I've never experienced such a quiet stadium, no one wants to see a player fall like that."

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