Saturday , October 23 2021

New Aescher-Wirt inclines the famous Rösti


For many, Aescher is considered the most beautiful place in the world. Tourists, therefore, make a pilgrimage to Appenzell from all directions to take a souvenir photo. The second reason for the walk – the popular Rösti in the restaurant – will not exist in the future.

In May, the Aescher mountain restaurant opens the season at Wasserauen AI. Although the new tenant is the same as the old one, nothing is the same as it used to be. On Wednesday, the new host, Gallus Knechtle, of the agency Pfefferbeere AG, revealed the new menu. Lovers of the famous predecessors Aescher-Rösti, Nicole and Bernhard Knechtle, will swallow empty: The dish has completely disappeared from the diet!

Instead, you will find, for example, cooked sausages, cheese patties and Ribel-Bramata buttermilk with walnut butter. Overall, there are about a dozen mostly regional dishes in the new menu – for the small and large hungry.

«We want to open a new chapter»

Gallus Knechtle defends Rösti's resignation at the request of LOOK. "There are a number of reasons why we do not offer rösti in Aescher's new menu." On the one hand, we want to open a new chapter, but we also consider that Rösti in the mass is relatively expensive in preparation. "Another reason is that preparation consumes a lot of energy. Knechtle: "One should not forget that the potatoes are heated twice."

Knechtle and its business partner, Melanie Gmünder, attach great importance to regional products. "In doing so, we not only take into account the Appenzell, but also the neighboring regions behind the mountains, such as bramata ribel buttermilk with peanut butter.The main ingredient of this dish, Ribelmais, has been cultivated for centuries in the Rhine Valley of St Gallen.

Knechtle grew up in Stein AR. His goal is to integrate the history of the place and the region's brands in the menu: "For the guests of Aeschers, the visit must be a holistic gastronomic experience," he said in the announcement of the acquisition late last year.

Space problems remain for now

The space conditions in Aescher are still tight. Although structural measures have been approved to improve the situation, the measures will only be implemented after the summer season of 2019. The head of Aescher's team is Melanie Gmünder, also Appenzellerin. It is supported by a staff of 12 members and several flexible temporary staff.

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