Mobile phone bills and mobile boarding passes on your smartphone: Suddenly the battery is empty – what do you do?


Mobile boarding pass on your smartphone: Suddenly the battery is empty – what to do?

Whether by plane or train: more and more people book their travels online or via smartphone application. But what about digital tickets and boarding passes when suddenly the phone goes on strike?

More and more travelers are storing their tickets and boarding passes on their smartphones, instead of buying them at the automatic machine or at the counter or printing them at home. At Deutsche Bahn, more than 86 thousand online tickets are reserved per day and 17 thousand additional tickets are purchased by the application. These numbers were announced by the Group in 2015 and will currently be significantly higher. According to Statista, between January and October 2018, more than 22 million mobile phone tickets were reserved by the application, double the previous year.

With the trend for smartphone ticketing, customers are not just doing the company a favor, saving money for the accountants team and the vending machines. Digital tickets are also greener. However, many travelers do not want to give up the good old paper ticket for safety. Background is usually a certain distrust of technology. Many do not know what to do when there is a problem.

Certainly, the fear of empty battery also plays a role. Especially on long trips, there is no guarantee that the battery will last until the end. If only the moment the teacher comes, you're stupid, right?

"Empty battery" or "I just do not have a network" is not an excuse

In fact, according to the local transportation arbitration committee, the customer alone is responsible for having a valid ticket – either on paper or on a smartphone. If you buy a cell phone ticket, you should make sure that when you board the battery it is charged and that the ticket can be called even in the case of a poor connection to the Internet. The best way to download the ticket before driving, so that it is available offline.

Anyone who is surprised by a battery that is dying on the train and checked must expect a "higher freight rate", as this is considered by most transportation companies to be dishonest. After all, the penalty can usually be reduced to a small processing fee against the subsequent submission of a valid ticket. For this, the client must present his mobile ticket or a reservation confirmation usually within a certain period of time. For example, there are 14 days for Deutsche Bahn.

What about digital boarding passes?

On most flights, passengers can check in online and print their boarding pass at home or save it on their cell phone. If you do not have to give up your luggage, you can save yourself having to go to the counter and under certain circumstances you can go straight to the terminal.

If suddenly the smartphone goes on strike, this is not a drama for a long time. Most airlines top the passenger lists anyway. If you can identify yourself at the counter, you will usually receive a new boarding pass with no problems. This, of course, costs a little more time, so you should always be at the beginning of the airport, even if the check-in is really ready. Some low-cost airlines like Ryanair also charge a fee for the reprint of the boarding pass.

So you save your battery down the road

With a power bank loaded into their luggage, travelers need to worry less about the cell phone, which suddenly abandons them. But even without this additional battery, there are a number of tricks that can be used to counteract a shrinking battery.

Thus, almost all devices offer a power saving mode. This usually turns on automatically as soon as the power level falls below a certain limit. At the beginning of a long journey, the user can also activate the mode manually and thus decelerate applications and applications that require a lot of energy from the beginning.

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