Mirka Federer uses Animalprint – Schweizer Illustrierte


In Miami, the sun is shining. Roger Federer wins the tournament. His wife wears animal print. The semi-final of the ATP Tour, in which it reached the first duel between Roger Federer and Denis Shapovalov, can be summarized in the same way. But this is an old hat, our golden boy finally wins the shake. The fact that Mirka takes a look at our tennis socks is rather unusual. Animalprint, yes, it's her. Wonderful indeed. And she knows it.

"Stop, stop!" Mirka would say now. This is not surprising. Because she takes a wild life in leopard and tiger for some time. Maybe your good friend, US Vogue boss, Anna Wintour, has an influence on your clothes, after all. The fact that Mirka, at least in tennis tournaments, is always in the critical eye. And Anna knows: Animalprint is always a good idea.

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