Michael Wendler's girlfriend, Laura, are you pregnant?


Michael Wendler and his Laura were spotted visiting a baby business. Now it is speculated whether a baby crowns the young love of the two.

Pop star Michael Wendler (46) and his 18-year-old friend Laura are headlines with their relationship over and over again. After a few months of relationship, they already speak of the great love and, therefore, family planning is also a problem for the lovebirds.

According to the gossip book "Closer", Laura could already be in anticipation. Because the two were seen entering a baby shop in Mallorca. At Bebe Planet, the name of the store, there is everything the prospective parents need: specialized reading, baby food, baby strollers, toys and clothes for pregnant women. However, what future participants of the "Summer House of Stars" have been looking for is not clear.

Wendler wants kids

However, the baby rumor can really come true. Already in an earlier interview, they talked about the baby's desire. "I wish I had another boy, then a little Wendler," revealed Michael Wendler at the time. Even his girlfriend is already thinking about her own children with him. "So for me, it should not be for the love of God. I am deeply in love and can not believe that there is someone who really pleases you and touches your heart so much that you no longer want to be without the other and can not be without you. another, "she says. Student talking to the TV station.

Still, the two did not comment on the rumors. (BNR / bang)


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