Michael Jackson's biographer finds mistakes in "Leaving Neverland"


The whirlwind around "Leaving Neverland" continues. Now a journalist wants to have found evidence that the stories of the alleged victim can not vote.

In early March, the American pay-TV station HBO broadcasted the shock documentary "Leaving Neverland." In it, James Safechuck (40) and Wade Robson (36) accuse the "King of Pop" of years of abuse. Even one month after its release, the two-part film is still hitting high waves. Now British journalist and Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe has joined the discussion.

Smallcombe wrote the book "Making Michael: Within Michael Jackson's Career" about the singer's life – and now wants to expose the allegations of abuse as "lies." And in fact: in the newspaper "Mirror", the author really reveals an explosive detail. James Safechuck sued Jackson after his death for damages and brought his charges of abuse to court. In his indictment, he noted that the "King of Pop" allegedly sexually abused him at the Neverland Ranch station in Jackson several times between 1988 and 1992. Also in the documentary Safechuck talks about how the legendary pop star in a room above the station by train passed several times in the then child.

Building documents contradict Safechuck

Construction documents, the Smallcombe also published on Twitter, but to prove that the Neverland station was approved in 1993 by the authorities. At that time, Jackson did not live on the ranch, but moved to New York at the Trump Tower.

And Robson's credibility wants to question Smallcombe. In "Leaving Neverland", the choreographer says that Jackson used it for the first time while his family made a trip to the Grand Canyon and left him in the custody of the singer. The interrogation records of lawsuits against Jackson for child abuse in 1993 and 2016, but are to prove that Robson's mother had testified that the "whole family" – including Robson – went to the Grand Canyon.

«The data is not correct»

Even Dan Reed (54), director of "Leaving Neverland," had to partially agree with Smallcombe. He admits that the years of Safechuck can not be right. But: "Safechuck was at Neverland Ranch before and after 1993. He still has photos of the station, they are in the movie. Jackson abused himself after 1993." And he also adds something to critics of the documentary: "Let's add as many as Sometimes MJ slept with other people's children: were they hundreds of nights or thousands? "

Tonight you can take a picture of the abuse charges. Swiss television features "Leaving Neverland" at 21:15 online. (Klm)


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