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Meghan Markle punishes the friends of Prince Harry


Since his friends do not match her, Duchess Meghan throws her arms over the wives of her spouse, Prince Harry.

Duchess Meghan (37) is known for not following her rules and going her own way. If you believe in a longtime friend of royalty, Meghan ranks people in her environment that do not fit, ruthlessly: as Lizzie Cundy says "talkRADIO", she has friends of Prince Harry (34), a bad influence on him would , dumped.

"She is afraid of everyone"

"One thing I've heard since I've been friends with a lot of Harry's friends: she's scared. Meghan is wearing pants at home," says Cundy. "A particularly close friend, whom I'm not going to quote now, was in charge of Harry when he had trouble in Las Vegas.He was a good, reliable friend who covered him and really did everything, but he was scared." Prince Harry celebrated a wild party with showgirls in Las Vegas in 2012 where he and his friends played naked billiards.

As the "Bunte" speculates, said Prince Harry's friend Tom "Skippy" Inskip. He allegedly suddenly gave up his friendship with Harry. Spicy: Inskip, according to "Tatler" advised Harry not to marry Meghan – that's why the Duchess asked her husband to stop contacting his old friend.

"Meghan really did not want Tom to come to the wedding"

A source for "Tatler": "The real reason Meghan no longer receives Tom is that she learned that he questioned Harry's relationship with her. He wanted to know if Harry is sure he wants to marry her. The poor man just wanted to make sure Harry was not just seduced with lust, and maybe he needed to calm down before getting engaged. "At the wedding in May 2018, Harry's ex-best friend was invited to Windsor Castle." Meghan did not want Tom and his wife Lara to go to the wedding, but Harry insisted. However, they were not invited to the evening party, which hurt – because all the other ordinary friends were there. "

Even Prince William (36) warned Harry against rushing to marry everything. Was it, then, the estranged relationship between Harry and William? (KAD)

Prince Harry's biographer on Duchess Meghan

«She's not very popular in some circles»

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