Measles: 28 babies under observation


About three weeks ago, the first case of measles became known this year – now development may become more menacing: according to a media report, there are possibly 28 infants infected at LKH Graz.

On January 11, a 15-year-old boy was diagnosed with measles at the LKH Graz children's clinic – more about it in measles: the first 15-year case in Styria (18.1.2019). In the LKH outpatient clinic, the teenager also infected other people – more about it in measles: eight more children became ill (26.1.2019).

According to a report from the Kleine Zeitung, an infected child was "most likely" at a pediatric clinic in Styria, where he may have infected several people. The child had at least 22 babies and also other children – according to the report, now 28 babies in the children's hospital should be treated as a precaution.

Highly contagious measles

Measles is one of the most contagious diseases. If you enter a room where a measles patient is, the virus will still be detected after two hours. Statistically, a measles sufferer has about 18 people – for comparison, there are an average of four people with the flu virus. The incubation period – that is, time to onset of illness – is between eight and a maximum of 21 days: it is how long an unvaccinated child who has had contact with a measles patient needs to stay home.

Only vaccination provides adequate protection

Some 80,000 children under the age of ten are not vaccinated or are insufficiently vaccinated in Austria. However, protection against contagion is only possible through vaccination: doctors are upset by skeptics who say that a 1-year-old child due to a measles disease suffers severe or permanent damage or death. In contrast, the damage caused by vaccines is a thousand times rarer: only one in a million vaccinates would suffer from severe inflammation following the measles vaccine.

I hope the doctors now for the semester break: after the schools remain closed here, it is expected a relaxation of the situation.



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