Maneuver accident: Lok pushes historic wagon through the wall


In Buchs SG, a train driver suffered an accident during the maneuver. A composition parked in a hallway was pushed through a wall.

One SBB locomotive crashed Tuesday morning through the closed entrance of a warehouse. A standing composition inside the building was pushed through the wall on the other side of the tank. This informs "FM1 Today".

There were no injuries. However, there was a lot of material damage. How high that is, it is not yet clear.

Research by Sust

The cause of the accident is not yet known. According to SBB spokesman Jürg Grob, the Swiss Security Investigation Council (Sust) is investigating the transaction.

The shaken composition is a historic train car. They belong to the collection, which is managed by the SBB Historic Foundation. This stores these wagons at various locations in Switzerland, including in Buchs. (Noo / SDA)


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