Manchester City Vs. Tottenham: The reactions to madness VAR


So Pep Guardiola responded to the VAR decision at the time of injury. picture: youtube screenshot

Guardiola's void and the compliments of TV Kanes – The madness VAR of Manchester did not leave anyone cold

Manchester City failed in the quarter-finals of the Champions League in Tottenham Hotspur and a little in God's football. In the 4: 3 win, which was not enough in the end, the VAR twice decided dramatically against the "citizens." The best reactions to the game of madness.

What a game! Manchester City fail in the quarter-finals of the Champions League after a double VAR drama. Although the favored "Citizens" won the 4: 3 home game after the 0: 1 two weeks ago, but because of the distance rule, Tottenham prevailed. Four goals in the first 11 minutes, a constant back and forth and in the end the great drama VAR.

In the first aftermath the blue sky applauded: Raheem Sterling had found himself in the 93rd minute at the supposed 5: 3 for City. Coach Pep Guardiola jumped down the side line like crazy. But suddenly the VAR came on the scene and the goal was denied by right due to a departure from Sergio Aguero.

"No Goal" was printed in thick white letters on the video wall. Previously, the video referee decided to give Fernando Llorente a 3: 4 goal, even though the ball touched the Spurs' striker's arm slightly.

The VAR drama in 2 acts:

Sterling 5: 3 is denied. Video: streamable

The line of evidence: Agüero was standing on Silva's baffle just offside. picture: screenshot reddit

After the decision VAR: Tottenham in a frenzy of joy, the ManCity players sank without power in the grass of the Etihad, Guardiola incredulously clapped his hands over his head. The Catalan could not believe it: "Not again," he seemed to hear him complain.

Guardiola in the pool of changing emotions. Video: streamable

Because the "Pep-curse" continues: International Guardiola simply can not win anymore. Although the star coach won the Champions League in 2009 and 2011, since then he fails again and again to meet his new employers the great dream. With Bayern they were three times in the semi-final, with City once in the second round and two in the quarter-finals.

However, Guardiola showed greatness after the game in one of his most difficult hours and abstained from complaining about the VAR. The great emptiness in his eyes betrayed much about his emotional world. His and other reactions to the game of madness in Manchester, the VAR-lich did not leave any colds.

The voices of the participants

Pep Guardiola (ManCity Coach):

"It was a big game, a lot of games, a lot of goals, we made mistakes that are immediately punished at that level." In the second half, we did everything we could to create but it was a bad end for us.

I support the VAR. From a perspective, it is with Llorente's hand, perhaps not from the referee's perspective. "

Guardiola can laugh at the interview again – at least a little. Video: YouTube / BT Sports

Vincent Kompany (Captain ManCity):

"It's clear that we are incredibly disappointed, but we played well and scored a lot of goals." In the end, small things made a difference: in the first stage of the lost penalty, today's VAR decisions. But in the end, the football god decided against us.

Christian Eriksen (Tottenham):

"I'm probably the luckiest person on the planet right now." It was all over for a moment, it was a funny game, a roller coaster, weird, now let's take a deep breath, for me it's like a fairy tale to play against Ajax and back to Amsterdam. "

Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham manager):

"It was incredible – especially the end.I'm so happy, so proud.My players are heroes.I'm so happy for her, for the fans.At the very last moment, a lot of things happen in her head, the disappointment was huge, but they lost the gate Today we showed great character, it was an indescribable game.

Heung-min Son (Tottenham):

"It was crazy, we recovered them in the game, but then we struggled a lot and we got really well deserved." Sometimes you're angry at the VAR, but today we're grateful. It's a lot, a big shame. But that's soccer.

Soccer World Answers

Press comments


"Oh my quadrilateral! Mancity's four-way dreams were destroyed in an incredible night at Etihad, while Tottenham lead a dramatic route to the Champions League semi-finals.

Seven goals, incredible drama, this game had everything and was finally decided by the VAR. At ManCity, joy has become desperate and Tottenham celebrated one of the biggest nights of club history. "


"Spurs plays ManCity in a modern classic thanks to goals away from home.In a ruthless drama, City believed he had managed to stop in extra time, but Raheem's goal was canceled because of the VAR's exit."

The Guardian:

"It was a wild and eccentric night, full of drama and crazy twists," ManCity dominated, but when Tottenham players finally breathed in, they were looking forward to the Champions League semi-finals.

Daily Mail:

"Llorente takes the Spurs to the Champions League semifinals with an incredible match against ManCity with seven goals and a double VAR drama." Hip or arm? Out or not? In the end, there is a decision on everything. "But who scored three goals away from home against ManCity really made progress. "

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