M Mobile Budget: Extra prices for Kosovo?


For months, M-Budget Mobile customers had to pay a lot more for calls from Switzerland to Kosovo. It is only thanks to BLICK that it is clear that there is an error so far unnoticed – now Migros is reacting.

It was only about five minutes that Blerina Aliti * telephoned her brother, who was at the hospital in Kosovo. But the short conversation on the phone should get into the money. At the end of the month, the M-Budget Mobile provider's phone bill was on the table, but the Aliti family in the canton of Aargau did not believe his eyes. What cost a few cents more now cost 30 francs more.

Aliti has lived in Switzerland for 32 years. However, she does not want to lose contact with relatives. M-Budget Mobile thinks it's treated unfairly. "For all the other countries in the Balkans, the call rates have remained the same – only for Kosovo, much higher prices suddenly apply.

18 times less expensive for calls to neighboring countries

Indeed, a look at M-Budget's mobile customer price list shows how expensive Kosovo is in Kosovo. 4.50 francs per minute should press, who connects with the Swiss cell phone, for example, in the capital Pristina. For comparison: in the neighboring countries of Albania and Serbia, or even in Croatia, M-Budget Mobile requires only 25 cents per minute – that is, 18 times less. How can this be?

In Migros, it is initially surprised by a corresponding LOOK request. First clarifications with partner Swisscom show: Because of an error, customers have paid too many months for calls to Kosovo! "According to current knowledge, Kosovo has accidentally entered a higher tariff zone due to a new area code," Migros spokeswoman Christina Maurer said.

┬źSubscribers receive money back automatically┬╗

The area code for Kosovo changed to +383 in June 2018. According to Migros, the wrong margin remained unknown to this day. Now you want to act immediately. "We will adjust the incorrect tariff until the beginning of May," confirms Maurer. "From then on, customers can call the old rate – also 25 cents a minute – for Kosovo."

At Migros, they mourn the incident and apologize to customers. But for all those who have paid a lot in recent months, there is good news. According to Migros, the wrong amount is automatically reimbursed by Swisscom to the subscribers concerned.


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