Live on TV: Moderator Sven Epiney shakes up with his marriage proposal to his friend Michael Graber


Updated April 1, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.

In front of the camera, he fell to his knees: Sven Epiney has in the final "Can I ask?" he asked his friend the most important question.

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Moderator Sven Epiney put on the SRF-1 dance show "Can I ask?" with his friend Michael Graber, a live solo on the ground. After his performance, Epiney made a moving statement of love to his friend – and stopped in front of the audience live by his hand.

Victory becomes a minor matter

In the third season of "Can I ask?" Epiney fought back after returning to the finals. But victory does not matter, Epiney presented his request to friend Michael on the show. On the contrary, it is important with whom he wants to spend his life – "and it is you". And I hope you do too. "I would very much like to become your husband and I hope you and mine too." Graber did not have to think twice.

On Instagram, the moderator and "May I ask?" The candidate shared his joy with his fans: "He said yes, that makes me infinitely happy," he writes to a photograph that shows the turning point.

Surprise for the whole team

For eight years, the two are a couple. He had come up with the idea of ​​the on-camera application, when it became clear he was going to perform with his partner, Epiney said in an interview with "". Epiney left the team in the dark about his plan, just announced "a surprise".

In the gay organization Pink Cross, his action was well received. Although Epiney wanted to make more private statements than policies with his inscription, it still has influence, according to director Roman Heggli, alongside "It makes visible the love of same-sex couples, an important step in the way that nothing is out of the ordinary, but it is normal." The "Marriage for All" initiative is currently struggling for a same-sex marriage from 2022 instead of previous registered partnership.

Luckily for Epiney it was enough to "Can I ask?" do not. In the end, former "Mister Switzerland" Jan Oliver Bühlmann took home the dance trophy. (JOM)
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