Lena Gercke (GNTM) leans: no Coachella Festival she shows a lot of skin


Lena Gercke shows the skin on the Coachella.

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Lena Gercke leans a lot forward in the Coachella-Festival of 2019. The model looks so deep and makes a real Hui moment on the Instagram!

  • Lena Gercke is at the Coachella-Festival 2019 on the way
  • The model shared in Instagram a photo of herself with a deep neckline
  • GNTM winner fans advance in photo

Los Angeles – Oh, there, there! Lena Gercke (31) is not stingy again with her charms. A current one Post on the Instagram of "Lena Gercke, Winner of Germany's Next Top Model" (GNTM) The first lesson is almost complete after only three days 95,000 likesCould be in ultrahort red dresswhich are white boots and their retro sunglasses lie – or the pose of the model in the snapshotHe leaned forward. So far, the mega neckline is the first thing that catches the attention of the observer.

Lena Gercke shows a lot of skin at the Coachella Festival 2019: the model leans forward

Lena Gercke learned how to model! And with naked skin showing no problem, as several posts suggest before: For example, the here. Or this photo. And here is a revealing picture. In her Coachella Lena Gercke post she gives fans a kiss and a flirt "Oi"! The 2.2 million followers of the winner of the first season of the GNTM honor: "Wow", "Pure Nature" or "beautiful woman" are just a few comments.

Lena Gercke: Photo of Coachella-Festival 2019 on Instagram

Hardly anyone mentions that the model is in California now –and visited the world-famous Coachella Festival on April 12 and 13! It may be that fans do not think about the XXL bosom … For a weekend celebrating the Coachella on over 330 acres of celebrities and influencers, the music acts that's just hot shit. This year for the 20th time. The German influencer Caro Daur was seen, but also Kendall Jenner, Kate Perry and Hailey and Justin Bieber.

Lena Gercke at the Coachella-Festival 2019: Where's the friend Dustin Schöne?

On stage among others: Diplo, J. Balvin, Khalid – and Ariana Grandethat musically a little bit of Nicki Minaj was supported. Lena Gercke seems to enjoy the Coachella-Festival of 2019, as her Insta-Posting shows. But not to be seen in them is entrepreneur Dustin Schöne! Lena Gercke recently announced that the entrepreneur is her new friend, as reported by nordbuzz.de.

Lena Gercke: GNTM winner enjoys touring California

I hope the former GNTM winner is not in California! Even if some fans enjoy the Instagram feed enough, or, as a commentator of the beautiful post, the subject comes to the point: "T ***** out = followers happy" (this comment brought the fan but also a number of angry responses). But in Germany, Lena Gercke can not help herself: in a new picture of the Instagram she once again gives insight into her sports bra, such as nordbuzz.de* reported.


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