Sunday , June 13 2021

Lawyer removed Prince Philip from car after an accident

Prince Philips' car collided with another car at a British royal resort. A lawyer was on the ground helping the 97-year-old man of his Land Rover knocked down.

On Thursday afternoon, Prince Philip (97) built a car accident. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II (92) wanted to turn his car near the Royal Mansion of Sandringham (Norfolk, East of England) when it collided with a Kia, with two women and a baby, and threw them aside.

Lawyer Roy Warne, 75, was driving home with his wife Victoria, 72, when the accident happened. Warne immediately stopped and ran to the scene. "I ran into the other car – there was smoke, as if it exploded immediately," he tells the British "Sun". "The baby was in the back seat screaming." After he and another helper cleaned the child, he rushed to the Land Rover. There, the lawyer discovered "an old person" who "lay down". That he was the queen's man, he did not immediately notice.

«I had blood on my hands»

Warne responds quickly and pulls the prince out of the car through the sunroof The victim was "shocked and shaken" "I looked down and I had the blood of the prince in my hands. All I could think was that, thank God, it was not worse, "says Warne.

The Royal was examined by a doctor and allowed to return home soon after. It should still be under observation for the next 48 hours. The ten-month-old child was unharmed. The two women were taken to the hospital – one of them broke his arm and the other injured his knee.

The prince would have told police he had been blinded by the sun just before the crash. The breathing test, which the prince and the driver had to suffer, turned out to be negative.

Philip already directed Obama

The Prince Consort is known for his pleasure in sitting behind the wheel. So the then 94-year-old in 2016 also did not mind bringing then-US President Barack Obama (57) and his wife Michelle (55) to head for Windsor Castle itself. The president and prince sat in the front seats of the Range Rover, the queen and First Lady Michelle sat behind.

The queen and her husband have traditionally been staying at their mansion in Sandringham since Christmas. The accident is likely to fuel the discussion about the car driving the queen and her husband. For some time there has been debate in England about the intelligence that Elisabeth and Philip still dominate in old age.

Retired since 2017

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have been married since 1947. He has struggled in recent years over and over with health problems: his heart was bothering him, he had to be operated on hand, a year ago a new articulation of the hip and has been several times of bladder infections.

In 2017, Philip retired, had only rarely on official dates – such as the marriage of his grandson Harry (34) with Meghan Markle (37) on May 19, 2018. Otherwise he showed a little more in public. In the future, you will probably be less expensive still. (Man)

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