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Kate Middleton pregnant again?: When the fourth baby comes to Duchess Kate and her husband, Prince William?


Kate Middleton extremely thin: a pregnant woman is like this?
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Can Royal fans rejoice at twice their offspring? Soon after the announcement of the Pregnancy Meghan Markle Kate Middleton once again caused wild pregnancy speculation, albeit unintentionally. There are rumors that Duchess Kate is already expecting her fourth child six months after the birth of Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton pregnant again?

These allegations have now been rebutted. In fact, Prince William's wife seems anything but pregnant in current pictures. Instead, the duchess looked almost frighteningly thinalmost fragile. No wonder, after all, you have hands full of three children and many public appearances.

Insider Inquiries: Duchess Kate is expecting her fourth child

And yet, a few days ago, a source told Star: "Six months after the birth of Prince Louis, Duchess Kate is pregnant again." Kate Middleton and Prince William were surprised at how quickly they were pregnancy "In addition, American gossip claimed that palace members are concerned about pregnancy because the Duchess became" frighteningly fragile "after her diet. The report said the 36-year-old currently has only 44 pounds in the balance All absurd claims "Gossip cop"now.

Kate Middleton is not pregnant? It's behind the rumors about pregnancy

And, in fact, Palace officials were not talking about a new pregnancy or the weight of Kate Middleton. In addition, Kate and William shared their baby pleasures first with the queen and not with the palace staff. When asked about rumors about pregnancy, the Kensington Palace replied with a smile. Real fans will probably have to wait a bit. A re-pregnancy, Kate Middleton and Prince William are unlikely to announce in the coming weeks.

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