Jungle Camp – "The Aftermath": Strong, healthy and full of … Stop it now!


Updated February 11, 2019, at 07:25

After the jungle show, the show in the jungle continues: RTL extends its show on Sunday night with the already unnecessarily long name "I'm a star – get me out of here!" still about "the epilogue". There, the jungle campers and their fights begin to breathe a second time yet again. Conclusion: also good now.

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Now it is part of the social tradition that one can review the battles that were struck in the aftermath.

Then meet after a football game again the country's experts to review Blutgrätschen and double passes, in rounds of elephants declare parties, no matter how a choice is made, regularly to the real winner and grandpa can count on the table of Sunday coffee again from the war,

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RTL knows this tradition and invites a few days after Evelyn Burdecki is crowned Queen of the Jungle, once again by the common … Yes, for what?

The jungle gladiators did their duty in the name of television entertainment, received their fees in euros and screen time and now can return to their real vocation if they have one.

The "interactive year" by Evelyn Burdecki

But RTL would not be RTL if the broadcaster did not squeeze even the final slice of the market from the successful format of feces rations. So you play together once again the most recent cast of the camp and simulate a bit of relevance or how presenter Sonja Zietlow tries to convince the viewer early on: "The patient still has a pulse."

But there are many more insights from the jungle camp of 2019.

If after two weeks you really do not feel like cooking again, which was recently occupied by the Australian jungle, for the whole troupe with the first and last name: Domenico de Cicco, Sibyl Rauch, Thommi Piper, Gisele Oppermann, Leila Lowfire, Doreen Dietel, Chris Töpperwien, Sandra Kiriasis, Bastian Yotta, Peter Orloff, Felix van Deventer and, of course, Evelyn Burdecki.

You can think of Burdecki as you like, but the blonde has created a value of recognition and entertainment with her carefree charm and charming lightness. RTL knows this and does what you do best in a situation like a supervisory broadcast: you give as much talk time as possible.

So Burdecki is allowed parrot as fast as possible. For example, the Queen of the Jungle knows about her sleeping behavior in the camp: "If you sleep so little, you will not be able to breathe." Later, she will also talk about her studies: "Starting today, the year of Interlingual begins with Evelyn Burdecki."

Doreen Dietel and Giselle Oppermann still do not like each other

But since one such as Evelyn Burdecki found only once in 13 seasons, the focus of the show as usual is not in the Queen's voice acrobatics but in the disputes of her subjects. To elicit sufficient reasons for true arguments, RTL is not exactly subtle.

Each resident of the camp receives all the blasphemies that have occurred on him before being released in the competition. With the ear in the baggage, he still must have an effective media dispute – and this happens.

While the others are happy with the letters, tears flow with Dietel.

To warm up the great Zoff between Bastian Yotta and Chris Töpperwien, Gisele Oppermann and Doreen Dietel are allowed to put their mutual dislikes on the stove once again.

But as the pot really does not want to boil, Daniel Hartwich puts on another firewood after: "In what relationship is Doreen a role model for you?" The moderator wants to know a little about the provocative school and Gisele says: "In no one – my family & # 39; My father, my mother, they are models, she could be my mother, probably by age, but she is not my model.

And even Dietel sets his reserve and this unfolds a not-so-interesting dispute about the importance of team play on the show. "Cheerfully, with celebrity dinner classmates, we're done with that," Hartwich says at some point – probably knowing that you have two major batons at the bank.

When two fights, all three are happy

Although the bar between Bastian Yotta and Chris Töpperwien, according to Yotta, "buried in Australia and there he should stay", but still have the two in the meeting in the studio still much to say.

RTL is said to have completely misrepresented him in the jungle.

This is given only as an example to guess the dimensions of the RTL and the participants understand by a good conversation.

Zietlow: Bastian, you were very upset that he said "Piss-Yotta" after his reconciliation and so on. You apologized to him for "pug-fucking," I'll say now. But when you were out there, you posted a picture on Instagram, you told me where he was after the Pug and there is a "Who think bad".

yotta: What was ahead, dear Sonja?

Zietlow: The pornographic offer of his manager.

yotta: Exactly.

Töpperwien: By the way, I would have accepted it for you, because then you really could prove your manhood.

Zietlow: The offer came not from him but from his manager and you've bragged a few times about the length of your dick. Is not that flattering?

yotta: It's not flattering because in the jungle camp I clearly saw that I love my girlfriend above all else and I would never fuck another woman except my wife.

It's good now

So far, so unnecessary, but Daniel Hartwich guesses the whole thing's background: "Could not it be that you should be grateful because you would be a little less known without your quarrel?"

Yes, a legitimate question, but Hartwich refutes the fact that the whole match also includes a third, who certainly can live very well with the quotas, which creates a fight like this.

Eating larvae, sucking cockroaches, Yotta, currywurst Chris, weeping Gisele, Evelyn "The Brain" Burdecki, Miracle Morning, Zickenkrieg and pornographic offer: Who is not before the "epilogue" of RTL slow but sure of all the madness of the jungle had, at the latest after this show, the channel must be full.

Because in the end even the pregnant girlfriend of jungle camper Felix van Deventer RTL put the common child's sex to make the unsuspecting Felix an effective surprise in the media, the latest since RTL. At some point it's also good times.

The jungle is over – it continues to lurk: In the "big meeting" of "I am a star – Get me out of here!" again all the spicy scenes were rausgekramt and durchgekaut. There were some ugly words, but much less than expected. A camper even made the confession and asked for forgiveness.

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