Jeff Bezos described the dreams of his wife's "affair"


After it became known that Jeff Bezos betrayed his wife and sent pen pictures to his case, new details became public: Apparently, Amazon's boss for his new girlfriend described his wife's dreams.

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, 54, and his wife Mackenzie, 48, announced the breakup on Wednesday. Shortly after, it became clear that the world's richest man, with former Fox anchor Lauren Sanchez (49), already has a new girlfriend. As reported by "Radar Online", both were tortoise for eight months. The case was taken because he sent his beloved again spicy SMS, semi-naked selfies and penis photos.

His wife wanted to "recover attention"

Apparently, the tech giant did not send only sexual news to his case. According to "Radar Online," he told Sanchez about his wife's bizarre dreams. "Mackenzie dreamed that I would redecorate the room. It got even weirder until I sewed tortoises on the blanket." My wife said that this is not difficult to interpret, "he wrote to Sanchez in September, according to the Enquirer.

Tortoises in a dream are indicative of slow progress in a person's life, writes the Enquirer. Maybe Bezo's wife suspected that her husband was cheating on her after 25 years of marriage. "At that time, Mackenzie began to wear tight clothing and lipstick to get Jeff's attention," a source says.

"Your energy, ideas, competence make me"

In another September message, Bezos enthusiastically thanked Sanchez for advising him to get in touch with U2 vocalist Bono (58). "Even the small things you suggest to me make my love for you grow – as you told me to ask Bono for musical approval.Your energy, ideas, competence, and spirit make me a member" , enthused Bezos. "I am full of love for you.My heart is growing just so that I have enough space for you.It is bigger than ever and it swells.You are meant for me." Bono invested with Bezos and Bill Gates in a truck company last year.

Sanchez and Bezos are still married. However, she is said to have separated from her husband Patrick Whitesell (53), a Hollywood agent two years ago. In a statement, Jeff Bezos' lawyer insists his relationship began after the separation of their respective partners. (KAD)


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