Jean Eichenberger, secretary of Lys Assias, is suing the settlement


Today, in his apartment in Erlenbach, the belongings of ZH Lys Assia were sold – to the delight of many collectors and bargain hunters. But the heart is bleeding.

Thoughtful Jean Eichenberger (83) looks at the large terrace of the attic apartment Lys Assias († 94) above the roofs of Erlenbach ZH. "Lys did not deserve this," complains the former secretary of the great Swiss singer, who won the first Concours Eurovision de la Chanson in 1956 with "Chorus". More than a year after Assia's death, his works of art, antiques and jewelry are sold in his apartment on Lake Zurich. Eichenberger: "It was his wish that part of his possessions would be under the hammer and the profits would be for his foundation, but not everything." The last wish of the deceased would not be taken into account. "In fact, she wanted to distribute many of the things before her death to her loved ones," says Eichenberger. "But she did not come to that."

Objects from 3 to 120,000 francs

At 9 o'clock this Thursday morning, the doors open to the house of the singer of "Oh my dad" and 150 interested buyers attack. These include bargain hunters, super fans and antique dealers. They all scour the thousands of belongings of the singer: sequin jackets (80 francs), Krumsäbel (6 francs), portable spectacles (30 francs), portrait images (280 francs), Assas Eurovision participation certificate (120 francs)) for expensive jewelry (diamond ring for 120,000 francs).

The fastest sales are multi-part gold dishes and Asian and German porcelain. Liquidator Jürg Hoss expects a revenue in the six-digit range: "Settlement includes thousands of parts in all price categories, ranging from 3 francs to an emerald diamond ring cut by 120,000 francs." Only Asshans Ehren- Prix-Walo, which she won in 2007, is not for sale. That would go to a close friend of the singer, then Hoss.

Secretary kisses your picture goodbye

Lys Assia's companion, Jean Eichenberger, who has accompanied the singer for more than 60 years, struggles with tears during the settlement: "All the strangers who walk around Lys's apartment are hunting for bargains where I've spent many happy hours." You passed. "I bought several records and a painting of Dali for 850 francs," says Eichenberger. "It was not until I left the apartment that he had some memories of his girlfriend. , adding, "I'm glad I do not need to go to her apartment any more." Then he kisses the last painting of his deceased painting one last time, and says, "Now's the time to say goodbye.


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