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The iPhone maker is under pressure. Screenshot: apple

Has Apple shivered with the new iPhones? A drama in six acts

Bad news around the iPhone maker has risen again. Whatever the emotion, it's time to sort out the facts.

The drama in 6 acts

Every autumn, when Apple launches a new generation of the iPhone, the same theater happens: it hits the time of the drama queens. Strictly speaking, it's a drama in six acts, where – depending on your perspective – you can speak of tragedy or comedy …

  1. Public protest: iPhone prices are criticized as astronomical or very high.
  2. Negative rumors are mounting: with reference to anonymous and / or dubious sources, it is reported that the new iPhones would sell poorly.
  3. The stock price of Apple is falling. For any reason.
  4. Now it's time for the know-it-all: Apple's self-proclaimed connoisseurs explain what's wrong or what the company would have to change.
  5. Apple announces the latest business numbers.
  6. Silence in the forest.

Disclaimer: The watson editor has joined the chorus of critics this year, claiming that Apple's prices for the XS and XS Max iPhone are unwarranted.

But is the company in trouble?

The hour of success knows everything

I described the "recipe" that promises many clicks last February. It was about the iPhone X, which supposedly sold poorly:

Take unconfirmed rumors, poorly understood predictions or hypotheses by analysts, season them with a dose of joy and make it a scenario "Apple is doomed!".

Later, it was discovered that analysts and haters were wrong. The iPhone X was the best selling model.

And back to the present. And we realize that we are already back to Act 4 of the drama.

Now writers who have a personal resentment for Apple products are taking the stock price as an opportunity to release their frustration.

one impressive German blogger Sascha Lobo, a columnist for Watson's media partner Spiegel Online, recently provided a dissuasive example. The esteemed colleague is wrong in so many ways that would be enough for a separate article. But that would be too much honor. Therefore, in the following brevity:

  • That Wolf emphasizes the nightmare of all privacy advocates, the Amazon living room bug, Echo, says it all.
  • The fact that he can not handle the facial recognition of the iPhone X and wanted to return the home button, shows that he belongs to the mobile Neanderthals himself.

Automatic 3D facial recognition is superior to the fingerprint scanner on many levels, which ensures even more experienced Android users. For example, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which is an impertinent and admittedly good copy by Apple Facial identification offers.

So everything at Apple?

No, not exactly this. And Sascha Lobo could have accidentally hit the sore spot with his criticism of Face-ID …

Where Apple may have lost

From Japan on Monday we received the message that there is a discount on the iPhone XR ($ 100). But only for devices purchased with mobile subscription.

The Wall Street Journal predicted last week the price would be cut. Japanese mobile service providers would receive subsidies from the manufacturer to stimulate demand for the cheapest of the three new iPhones after a disappointing start to sales.

Just a few days before, the American newspaper said Apple had closed production of all three iPhone models released in September. Analysts came together in the negative vote chorus.

An official confirmation is not available. But the price this year really raises questions.

That would fit the news, according to which Apple's best selling iPhone in Japan is the model from the previous year, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

It can not be ruled out that Apple overestimated the demand for a somewhat less expensive plastic model, as it did in the launch of the iPhone 5C in 2013.

With an entry price of 880 francs, the iPhone XR is anything but an economical smartphone. And it is likely that the "I must have" reflex is absent, even with the iPhone's most expensive hundreds of XS and XS Max. It's just about last year's iPhone X optimizations.

Waiting for many iPhone fans (threatened by Twitter and the company) with the purchase of a new model, why wait for the next explosion in the fall of 2019? Can be good.

That would fit Cyber ​​Monday in the US, the iPhone XR was a special price.

What fans, enemies and journalists need to know

Let's keep the facts:

  • Negative headlines about the world's richest company sell well. True or not.
  • Anyone who manages to manipulate Apple's stock price through rumors can make a lot of money.
  • The stock market value of a company like Apple has little or nothing to do with real economic performance or value added. Speculators speculate and Apple does what it always does: sell new hardware along with its own software and (partly) paid services.
  • In January, Apple will present its latest business numbers. Then we officially learned how the important Christmas deal was.
  • For the first time, Apple will not call iPhone sales numbers. The American company adapts its important for important communication from stockbrokers to the competition. Betrayal is for years without exact numbers.
  • If manufacturers sell fewer smartphones or users (in saturated markets), wait longer to buy a new model, this has positive consequences from the consumer's point of view. Competition is growing, prices are under pressure in the medium term.
  • The interest in Apple products is uninterrupted: this was Black Friday. In the Digitec online store, Macbooks and earplugs, AirPods were among the most "sold out" promotions.

The publisher's assessment that Apple offers the best overall package of hardware and software with the iPhone has not changed. Ease of use is unparalleled, and the manufacturer's unmatched update policy ensures that legacy devices remain functional, secure, and valuable.

With the prices of 2018er Apple has high poker – and seems to be aware: For the Christmas quarter, financial director Luca Maestri sales of a good five percent to 93 billion dollars in prospect. It was very rarely in the past.

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