Interview with the head of the HCD, Domenig, after the resignation of Del Curto


HCD coach Arno Del Curto, 62, told Gaudenz Domenig this morning his decision to resign that the president did not want.

LOOKING: Mr. Domenig, how did you find out about Arno Del Curto's resignation?
Gaudenz Domenig: I had a meeting with Arno at nine in the morning, so he told me. We already had intensive discussions yesterday. He made his decision, which I would not wish for.

Were you surprised by that?
I had to wait somehow because I knew Arno was thinking seriously about it. So it does not come out of nowhere.

What comes next?
We have a game tonight that will train the two assistants (Remo Gross, Sandro Rizzi, the Red). And we started looking for a temporary or definitive solution.

Does that mean you had not stretched your senses yet?
No, we believed we were still coming out of that hole. If there were no changes at Christmas, we would have asked ourselves. But in fact we think, even after the game in Zurich, that a bullish trend is visible and Arno can judge that. He definitely would have the qualities for that.

How Arno Del Short justified the decision for you?
Arno is a very consistent person. He said years ago if he can not get to the team, he leaves. It turned out that it was difficult for him to deal with failure. And to us that was new. But I have to accept your decision now.


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