"I'm not in a wheelchair and I'm alive"


Again, one point you should worry about as a parent: how much do I show my child on social media?

Tawil: The problem is: this whole reality shows this. For example, Kardashians, or anything else that is there, completely stage themselves for television, and that then colors society. Teens grow up with the understanding that it is perfectly normal to publicly post all private images. Especially as a parent, you have to think about how much you want to show your children, as long as they can not decide yet. I'd rather leave that decision to my son.

Do you think you will be a stern or relaxed parent?

Tawil: I'm just starting out in that role. We men should get used to that too. Now I'm doing everything instinctively and out of my gut. Of course you have to show the child after limits, but I do not think I'll be a super strict father. My own father is a great example to me. Because my grandfather was very strict with my father and even forbidden him to become an actor in Cairo. These were different times. When I told my father in twelfth grade that I wanted to drop out of school and start a boyband, he allowed me to. So I did not even have my Abi in my pocket. That is why I am infinitely grateful to him today.

How much did paternity influence your new album?

Tawil: In general, I have had a difficult time in recent years in terms of my personal life and my life planning. Added to that was my bad swimming accident in 2016. This shadow was above my last album. But by the time I left, I was getting better. But my father always told me: when things go wrong, it's not just one thing. So you have the feeling that everything in life goes awry. But then came a ray of hope and then slowly climbed up step by step. This one was then crowned with my son. All of that was deleted on the album.

And then came your trip to Hawaii …

Tawil: When I was writing the song in Hawaii, a fake missile alert was activated, causing a great panic. Everything went very fast and I just tried to work. Some people called their families. Everyone who called the location service got a warning saying, "This is not an exercise." It was a very dramatic situation. Of course you get scared, but I tried to stay calm.

Do these experiences help you become aware of what really matters in life?

Tawil: You can say that, of course. Especially my bath accident shocked me a lot. I was taken out of the game. Before, I was always at work or on tour. And suddenly you're sitting at home, barely able to move and sink into self-pity. But then I realized that the glass is half full. I'm not in a wheelchair and I'm alive. I was very lucky. From then on I tried to see everything in a more positive way. And then, of course, I thought about what counts for me in life. Then came the desire for a family and a home.

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