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Farewell to a cult emigrant: Jens Büchner, known as "Goodbye Germany", died at the age of 49.

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Daniela and Jens Büchner were among the candidates at this year's "Sommerhaus der Stars".

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In early 2017, Jens Büchner entered the "jungle camp" RTL – with his beloved cuddly pillow in his arms.

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In the summer of 2017, Jens Büchner married his girlfriend Daniela Karabas. Together they lived in Majorca.

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With the bucket Sangria in the jungle: Jens Büchner was one of the twelve candidates of the season "IBES" 2017.

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In the last episode of "Goodbye Deutschland!", Jens and Danni Büchner (right) were able to say goodbye to Joelina (second from the right) at the airport. The daughter is currently working as AuPair in Ireland.

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They had the shortest journey: "Malle-Jens" Jens Büchner traveled with his wife Daniela to Portugal in the "Soimmerhaus der Stars".

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50,000 euros of capital were placed in Faneteria de Malle-Jens, in Mallorca. In the end, the gastro project grew over his head, he complained.

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A guy who polarized: Jens Büchner, a new kind of TV star.

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Jens Büchner polarized: The emigrant "Goodbye Germany" was regularly on the muzzle – in particular or professionally. But he kept getting up and fighting again.

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As "Malle-Jens" Jens Büchner made his career as a ballermann singer.

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The famous TV emigrant Jens Büchner is dead. The popular humor producer of "Goodbye Germany" died after a short and serious illness in Majorca.

For a long time he did not feel well. Anyone who called the VOX program "Goodbye Deutschland" a week ago could see it. Jens Büchner, who became famous through the popular documentary of emigrants, spoke with a pale face to the camera. Seven days of hospital because of an ulcer in the stomach was behind him.

The future of coffee stress-inducing fan in Mallorca: uncertain. He was "ready for the bastard," chided the widely known "Malle-Jens" TV emigrants and humor singer. However, he did not want to be careful. Just days after the broadcast, Jens Büchner died during a stay on the Balearic Island for unknown reasons. He was 49 years old.

"We have received the sad news that Jens Büchner died after a short and serious illness," confirmed Julia Kikillis, VOX press officer, countering with "image." "The whole season, and especially our shooting team, who accompanied him and his family for seven years to Goodbye Germany and who built a close relationship during that time, are deeply shocked. Our sincere condolences are now above all for his wife Danni, for her children and for the whole family, who have lost Jens very early and for whom we now desire a lot of strength " .

For days, fans of the "cult emigrant" celebrated after Jens Büchner's wife, Daniela, announced that her husband's state of health was "critical," that doctors were trying to "get the most out of their personal lives. " That sounded dramatic, but it triggered a mixed echo in social media. The family just wanted to make this important again, there were many of them. In a year in which former casting candidate Daniel Küblböck has disappeared from a cruise ship and reality star Sarah Knappik with a drastic cry for help ("no one is interested in us") to speak, that is truth.

A reality star, who was also Jens Büchner. In 2010, he immigrated to Mallorca with his partner, Jennifer Matthias, and his son, from Bad Schmiedeberg in Saxony-Anhalt. A year later he appeared for the first time in a series of "Goodbye Germany," a series that wants to document the resumption of Germans abroad, but also produces "stars" like Daniela Katzenberger – or Jens Büchner.

Spectators were able to observe the spirits, as he went swimming with various commercial ventures and finally succeeded as a ballermann singer. "Malle-Jens," said the name of the fight, happy, separated from Jennifer and married to Daniela in a patchwork home. It was chaotic fun there. If the landlord was not traveling on other matters. He attended the "Perfect Celebrity Dinner" and seemed more than gossiping about "DSDS". In January 2017, he participated in the notorious RTL jungle break "I'm a star – get me out of here!" Part (sixth place) in 2018 he moved with his wife to the "summer home of the stars". Discreet appearance was not his thing there. He had "paid cash" for his Mercedes, "said the polarizing frog, thanking the loan in the jungle.

His loose mouth and unadorned nature, a charming blend of ingenuity and calculation, were Jens Büchner's trademark. They made him a model case of the new type of "star", which does not create distance, which is hostile and liked as the next funny friend.

Jens Büchner leaves behind his wife Daniela, three children she brought to the wedding, shared twins and three other children from previous relationships.

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