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Helene Fischer: mystery discovered that should not go away – and more


Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer has retired, with a few exceptions. Apparently, she actually returns to the stage.

June 13, 2019 Update: For months, fans of Helene Fischer have to do without regular appearances of the singer, the beautiful blonde is enjoying a well-deserved break. Recently Helene returned to the stage, on the occasion of an anniversary Helene performed as in the old days. After a few days ago, even leaked a second private show date, Helene now no longer seems to crash during the break!

as portrait According to reported, the 34-year-old will also give a third concert, but again in private. In front of the sheet confirms a corporate spokeswoman for Daimler: "There is a team concert in which Helene Fischer occurs." Thus, the apparition is also held this month. On June 29, employees of the factory in Wörth (Rhineland-Palatinate) can expect a reappearance of the beautiful singer.

Why Helene Fischer, although its only a few days ago confirmed to break, once again returns to the stage, is not known.

The fact that the appearance of Helene Fischer's Trigema has leaked continues to cause problems.

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Declaration of origin of June 10, 2019: mystery revealed! No one else should know that

Munich – Helene Fischer will be rar in 2019. No tour, no new album. Schlagerqueen is enjoying some of her personal happiness after stressful moments she has known since 2018 with her new friend Thomas Seitel.

Of course, a megastar will never settle down. For TV legend Frank Elstner, she made an exception and recently gave an interview. Helene Fischer also released a new song. And for a wealthy construction entrepreneur, she appeared at a private concert in Hanover.

The photos of Tui Arena caused a lot of excitement. For Helene Fischer she showed a small belly. Speculation even guaranteed that she would come via Instagram to speak
nd the curves explained. Diagnosis: Findings of wealth! They were granted to her.

Secret appearance of Helene Fischer leaked on Trigema's birthday

Now, however, a secret was leaked that no one should know beforehand. Because this is another apparition of Helene Fischer in an exclusive circle! Like this Courier Zollern Alb revealed, Helene Fischer sings on October 26 for an illustrious audience. The occasion: the hundredth anniversary of the textile chain Trigema of Burladingen (Baden-Württemberg).

Among the guests who appreciate the sounds of Helene Fischer, according to the report, there are also several political celebrities: Prime Minister BaWü, Winfried Kretschmann, and the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation. Gerd Müller and EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, Minister for Economic Affairs Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut and the Minister of State for Integration and Migration, Annette Widmann-Mauz.

The apparition of Helene Fischer at the Festa Trigema should be a surprise

Many hundreds of Trigema employees are invited to do so, he said. Courier Zollern Alb, And it's exactly where it becomes complicated that Helene Fischer's appearance has leaked beforehand. Why like that portrait Wolfgang Grupp (77), owner of Trigema, said he wanted to keep Helene Fischer's appearance secret.

The whole thing would be a surprise to its employees, a show with a mega-wow effect – which is now over. Imagine, you're going to a company anniversary, and suddenly Germany's biggest vocal star, Helene Fischer, is on stage. But the burst moment burst. For Trigema employees, it should now explode with anticipation and pride.

A fan had recently revealed other private secrets of Helene Fischer.

Helene Fischer received a humiliating offer from a hip-hop star. That probably speaks well of satisfaction.

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