Healthy Weight Loss: Why Should We Eat Noodles, Beans and Lentils Again


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Why should we eat pasta, beans and lentils again

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Why should we eat more pasta, beans and lentils again? Why should we eat more pasta, beans and lentils again?

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As a rule, we hardly spare efforts and expenses for a healthy diet. The real superfood has been on our shelves for a long time. The underestimated effects of fiber have been demonstrated by nutritionists through long-term studies.

ZFiber does not have an extraordinary reputation. They supposedly promote digestion and make you satisfied for a long time. A research team led by nutritionists at Otago University in New Zealand just wanted to research how much fiber we should eat every day. However, scientists have come across the health benefits associated with a high-fiber diet.

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The research team analyzed 185 studies, in which more than 4,000 individuals were followed for decades in some cases. Participants who increased their fiber content from less than 15 grams to 25 grams per day showed remarkably positive physical changes.

For example, they lost weight, had lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol than before. In addition, the risk of having a heart attack has been reduced.

The more fibers people eat, the greater the positive effects

Foods rich in fiber not only saturate sustainably but also affect how the small intestine absorbs the fat contained in food. In addition, fiber provides billions of bacteria that live in the colon, a food source. For example, by processing the fiber, the bacteria produce certain fatty acids that are absorbed and act throughout the body.

However, according to scientists, these positive effects only occur after a daily intake of 25 grams. Ideally, we should even eat 30 grams of fiber.

This seems feasible at first, after all, the morning oat is already loosely over 20 grams. The problem: many foods are not just pure fibers. For example, a banana has only three grams of fiber in addition to fructose and water. Not surprisingly, most people eat significantly less than the recommended daily amount.

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Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, bread and pasta with wholemeal flour, beans, lentils and walnuts

To get a certain amount of fiber per day, planning is necessary. For example, the team of researchers suggested that an apple, two carrots, a potato with peel, two slices of brown bread, a cup of cooked lentils and a half cup of oatmeal contain about 30 grams of fiber.

But if you change your habits a bit and follow some simple tricks, you will be able to feed yourself consciously and without much counting. For example, nutritionists recommend eating potatoes in shell and switching to whole grain products. Nuts and fruits are suitable as a fiber-rich snack in the middle.

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So instead of going on a low-carbohydrate diet, it's much easier to pay attention to a high-fiber diet and gain health benefits.


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