Wednesday , April 21 2021

Haters Wish Migrant Death While Struggling for Life

From Thursday night, after days of divination, the first information on the state of the immigrant Jens Büchner [VIDEO]According to the ex Jennifer MatthiasMother of the common child LeonJens would be dying at the University Hospital of Majorca. Jennifer writes on Facebook that she was allowed to visit Jens twice. They would have reconciled themselves to the dramatic situation. It's hell, writes Jenny, her son and four other children would lose their father. In this situation, it is unbearable Jens Buchner continue to be exploited by the media and covered by speculation, turmoil and convictions.

Jens Büchner: Triumphant Horror

And what can be read on the Internet mocks any imagination. For example, across the spectrum, "karma" observation still needs to be placed at the bottom, though, as a message to a dying person, it may not be defeated for lack of taste. Others stubbornly adhere to the theory that the whole thing is only thrown to win the attention of the media.

Those who Jens Buchner on Monday "Goodbye Germany" I knew Jens looked really scary. Deep dark circles, rapid weight loss, sunken and dull skin, so swallowed Jens in the last episode before the painkillers and complained about the low impact.

A third group of foes really missed all the measures, celebrating bad news about Jens's condition and even wishing him that death,

Daniela Büchner object of popular hatred

Especially ruthless is with a wife Daniela Büchner vice-ignored. According to many, Hater Danni is guilty of her husband's poor health. She had led him to take over and she did not stop him. Write Jenny also from the fact that at that time she had tried in vain to stop Jens.

Daniela's hatred is particularly perfidious and pervasive, many of them bombarding Jens Büchner's wife [VIDEO] for years with malicious entries. So far, especially the small, common Gemini with Jens at the center of evil insinuations. While beautiful children act happily and age appropriate in front of the camera, it is actually alleged that children are falling behind, sick and disabled. Of course Daniela should also be responsible for that.

The truth is that Daniela is unshakable on her husband's side, with a heavy history of abuse and subsequent depression and, at worst, with five children left alone.

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