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Halima Aden: "Sports Illustrated" shows Muslima in Burkini

For Halima Aden (21), a dream came true: the Muslim woman appears on the cover of the famous issue of Sports Illustrated – with Hijab and Burkini.

Kate Upton, Heidi Klum and Bar Refaeli: Everyone appeared in a bikini on the cover of the famous Sports Illustrated swimwear. Halima Aden (21) is now allowed in the series of cover designs.

However: without bare skin. The Somali supermodel is the first Muslim on the cover of Sports Illustrated to wear a Burkini.

Aden's body is completely covered except for the feet, hands and face on the cover and the series of photos accompanying this year's swimsuit edition. "Do not change yourself, just change the game", "Sports Illustrated" quotes the supermodel, who basically poses only with hijab.

In a promotional video for the issue, she is called "Burkini-Babe" and says, "I never felt represented in fashion magazines because there was no one with hijab."

Vogue took her as the first hijab model on the cover

Aden's parents are from Somalia. She grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya, at the age of seven she came to the United States. In 2016, she participated in a miss contest in Minnesota, also with Hijab and Burkini, and reached the semifinals.

Currently, the young woman starts as a model. Along with two other models, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Arabic in March, and British Vogue led her to the cover in April as the first user of the hijab.

"There are more and more politicians, businesswomen, TV reporters and other successful women wearing headscarves, and that's the message we have to send," Aden told the BBC. The reaction to his cover "Sports Illustrated" was overwhelming.

«Hijab does not fit Sports Illustrated»

Not all predominantly male readers are enthusiastic about the unusual cover. A Twitter user comments: "If you wear the hijab and cover your skin – religiously or morally – it is illogical to pose sexy to a magazine known for showing women as objects."

Another comment criticizes Sports Illustrated's basic cover decision: "I would understand if it was a women's fashion catalog, but it's a men's magazine, that does not fit with a headscarf."

The Muslim fashion market is a billion dollar business

Aden's success is marked by a turnaround in the fashion industry. Muslim models are now present in campaigns ranging from luxury brands to H & M. In 2016, a video of the viral fashion chain, which invited customers to recycle clothing – and in which one of the models wore a scarf in the head.

The fact that magazines and designers are increasingly open to fashion and Muslim models, however, has less to do with claiming diversity than with difficult economic motives. According to a report by Vogue, a new generation of fashion conscious Muslims spend huge sums in chaste fashion. The global Muslim fashion market covers about $ 44 billion. (Kin)

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