Gmail is 15 years old and receives new features


April 2, 2019
Google adds some new features to Gmail to mark its 15th anniversary. Among other things, it is now possible to plan the time for sending emails.

Gmail turns 15, and to celebrate, Google has broken some minor updates, including improving Gmail's Smart Compose feature and the ability to schedule emails.

However, Smart Compose updates are very vague. Google has announced in May 2018 the feature that shows tips on how to stop phrases in emails. The updated version, for Google, "now can adapt to your spelling", so to speak, the user's writing style to learn and adjust the suggestions accordingly. The function should make new subject line suggestions. In addition to English, Smart Compose also supports Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, but unfortunately German is not yet supported. Now the feature is now also supported in the Android app. So far, this was the case only for pixel users and should be available soon for iOS.

Another good feature that Google is launching this week is the ability to schedule emails to be sent at certain times in the future. In addition, Gmail's new AMP features allow senders to make their messages more interactive and functional without recipients having to open links in new guides ("Swiss IT Magazine").


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