Monday , October 25 2021

Giant Engine Problems: The 777X Also Prepares Boeing Headache


Hard times for Boeing: As if the 737-Max crash was not enough, the aircraft manufacturer has now also confirmed further delays in the 777X.

The Le Bourget air show in Paris did not start with a large order from Boeing but with good news. On Monday morning (June 17), General Electric Aviation CEO David Joyce told reporters in more detail about the problems with the gigantic GE9X engine that will power the Boeing 777X. A component in front of the compressor wears prematurely, Joyce explained.

The chief of GE Aviation said it would take months to resolve the difficulties. He was expecting the first flight of the 777X as early as 2019. In fact, Boeing wanted to send the new long-haul jet, which Lufthansa also ordered in late June for the first time on the air.

First flight at the end of the year

Boeing chief Kevin McAllister confirmed in Paris that the US aircraft manufacturer is planning the maiden flight this year due to engine problems. McAllister declined to give more accurate predictions, such as the duration of the test flight program. That requires more details from GE, the Boeing manager said.

Already over the weekend, Emirates President Tim Clark again showed skepticism that Boeing will be able to deliver the first 777X in time by mid 2020. Speaking to the Seattle Times newspaper, Clark said they are in talks with Boeing , which can last until fall. Emirates ordered 150 777X, but could replace some by the 787, according to the Seattle Times.

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