Monday , October 25 2021

Germany is in test against Argentina 2: 0 out of control


It's a prestigious duel with a lot of history. Four-time world champion in Germany and two-time Argentina champion met in the World Cup final three times.

But the splendor of ancient times is not much to see in Dortmund. Germany play after a refusal fall with a better B-Elf, the South Americans deny the test kick without stars Messi, Agüero, Di Maria and Icardi.

The stadium is half empty with about 40,000 fans. But these are kept at 2: 2 great. The young home team will be rewarded in the first half for their enthusiasm.

Gnabry knocks on and off

First, Bayern's Serge Gnabry hits three defenders 1-0 and also tricks goalkeeper Marchesin. 2: 0 is a good counterattack, this time against Gnabry for Kai Havertz.

In the second round, the guests win one, in the final stage, two courses. Alario nods to the connection goal, Ocampos scored the draw (85.).

The young Germans are betting off the victory. For coach Jogi Löw, the attempt with the youth team, including four newcomers Koch, Waldschmidt, Amiri and Serdar, is still an exciting look into the future.

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