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Fronalpstock restaurant in Mollis GL is on fire

The flames lit the night sky above Mollis GL: Fronalpstock Mountain Lodge on the mountain of the same name blazed brightly on Saturday morning. The report reporters report. Even on the motorway near Ziegelbrücke, the flames were visible.

"Due to the remote location, the Näfels-Mollis fire brigade's firefighting work was difficult," canton Glarus police said in a statement. However, the fire brigade managed to control the fire thanks to fire fighting helicopters. 50 task forces were in place. "At the time of the fire, the inn was uninhabited," the police write.

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Berggasthof was sold to Christian Drescher in January this year – owner of Utoquai AG in Zurich. He planned to make the restaurant a "wellness oasis," according to "Southeast Switzerland." There was a rumor in the village of Mollis that he wanted to turn it into a swing club. The Drescher denied however. "There is no Swinger Club. Not yet," he quoted "Southeast Switzerland."

At the inn, renovation work was underway. There are now investigations to clarify the cause of the fire. (Fr)

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