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Viola Amherd was not officially a candidate for the Federal Council, as the "World Week" under the title "Discreet Einstreicherin" wrote that the National Councilor CVP did not want to pay the honorary part of the notaries involved in a notation until it was forced by the Council of State competent to do so. This State Council was Oscar Freysinger, He already wanted to make the story tasty for several journalists.

But the story is different. The elected SVP Council of State, Valais, Freysinger wanted to represent the Federal Council candidate, Amherd, as greedy Winkeladvokatin, who even breaks contracts for his own benefit. Now show new documents and research: Freysinger forced Amherd with legal subtleties to make payments actually prohibited to two other Valais notaries. And Profiteur was an SVP party colleague at Freysinger.

In 2013, Amherd received a request from the canton to certify a purchase of 22 million. Circulation: Half of the fee must be passed on to two young notaries without them having to cooperate. This was, in the case of large orders of the state, the Valais custom, so as not to prejudice young notaries. Amherd agreed and appointed two beneficiaries, including M.G., a young SVP politician.

Amherd omitted payment

As soon as the contract was signed, the State Minister of Justice of the State of Valais, Esther Waeber-Kalbermatten, banned this sharing of fees because it was misused. Amherd – uncertain if he could pay now – asked the department in charge. This confirmed the ban, and Amherd omitted payment, as reported to

In December 2014, Freysinger, as state adviser to the notaries, demanded that Amherd pay in any way and against the instructions of his own office. When Amherd again pointed to the ban, Freysinger reiterated that the Council of State expected her to act under the treaty and made a suggestion on how to pass on the honorary actions despite the ban.

For Freysinger Amherd has "claws instead of fingers"

He pointed out that the corresponding articles of the law would allow a division, in case the registries considered were effectively involved, that is, had participated in the preparation of the notary. While it was clear that the cooperation between the two was never planned, Freysinger said in his letter that the notaries named were not really involved in the work, there was "breach of contract." And with the subliminal threat of legal action, he asked Amherd to enter into an agreement. "In this case," Freysinger wrote, "the damage suffered can be offset by an extrajudicial decision."

Amherd had to pay in dubious circumstances because she no longer wanted more procedures and the young notaries promised before the change in the law actions of 8,500 francs in fact "never wanted to retain," she says. Freysinger was satisfied: by his intervention he had overlaid the new interpretation of the law in Valais, and thus had succeeded in making the young notary and partisan M. G., among other things, profitable.

Meanwhile, Oskar Freysinger was eliminated under pressure from the CVP, and Viola Amherd rose to the promising candidate of the Federal Council. Freysinger says today that it has implemented only the Valais law. Amherd describes him as a woman who has "claws instead of fingers".

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